Things to do before getting braces

Getting braces to straighten your teeth and improve your smile can be a challenge to some. Even if you choose the best invisible braces company on the market, you can expect some discomfort and a period of adaptation. Not only that, but you may want to ensure that your financial situation is up to par, as braces can be quite expensive. You will also need to choose a trusted orthodontist, take pictures before you get braces, stock up on soft foods, etc. And you will also want to know a bit more about what will happen before, during, and after fitting your braces. This article, brought to you by the Consumer Opinion Guide, will provide you with all that information, and much more.

Things to do before getting braces

To start with, here’s a small list of things you might want to do before getting braces:

  • Review your financial situation
  • Select a trusted orthodontist
  • Take pictures!
  • Stock up on soft foods
  • Schedule teeth cleaning
  • Wear a mouthguard to prepare
a coffer full of money
Braces can be quite expensive, best to be prepared.

You may also want to take additional time to do some research. There are so many different types of braces to take into consideration, after all. Before you make a choice, make sure to at least talk to your orthodontist and see what they recommend. There’s also the fact that you may not qualify for some brace types (e.g. Invisalign), which will influence your choice. But no matter what brace type you ultimately go for, you will still need to make sure to sort out:

The budget

One of the first things, if not the first, you will want to do before getting braces is to ensure that you can afford them. Teeth braces are not the cheapest thing in the world, even though some types are quite affordable. However, as mentioned previously, you will have a lot of options to choose from. Your budget is there to act as a “limiter”, narrowing down your choices for you. And it is not only the braces that you need to account for, either.

You may have additional costs, depending on your situation. For example, you may find that maintaining your oral health will become a bit more expensive after braces. Or you may need further treatments after you fit your braces. The best thing to do is to talk to your orthodontist and have them explain in detail what the overall costs are going to look like.

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The orthodontist

Speaking of the orthodontist, you may want to be careful when selecting who is going to fit your braces for you. For the most part, you will have no shortage of choices when it comes to orthodontists. Some of the qualities of a good orthodontist include extensive experience, attention to detail, adaptability, passion, professionalism, and good communication skills. Some of these you can even check before you visit the orthodontist’s office. It is imperative to verify that your orthodontist is a “good fit” for you, as that will directly translate to your experience. Working with a bad orthodontist can be a veritable nightmare, whereas working with a good one can make even the worst moments look not that bad.

an orthodontist performing a procedure before getting braces
Choose your orthodontist carefully!

Choosing a good orthodontist will take some time, however. The best thing to do is to start by getting some referrals (just about everyone visits an orthodontist at some point) and work your way from there. Chances are that your social circle will provide you with some great recommendations. But if you don’t want to stop there, make sure that you check some of the other orthodontists in the area, as well. The more time you invest in searching for the best possible orthodontist, the better!


You may say that taking pictures before and after getting braces is essential. Even if you are not used to smiling, take a few pictures of your full grin before you fit the braces. Whenever you feel that the braces are “uncomfortable”, you can refer to the pictures and see why you decided to wear them. These pictures can also help you cope with dental anxiety, as simply by looking at them you will be reminded of why you decided to get braces in the first place. Lastly, these pictures will help you identify exactly how your smile improved for the better and may even become a very fond memory.

Soft foods

Pudding is excellent brace-friendly food.

Your teeth will be sore for the first couple of days (sometimes even longer) of wearing braces. This means that your diet will be restricted to soft foods. Therefore, you will want to ensure that you stock up on everything you want to eat before fitting braces. Fill your fridge with foodstuffs such as soups, jello, yogurt, pudding, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, and the like. You can also refer to our guide to meal planning with braces if you want a comprehensive overview of what to get. The reason why you are stocking up before fitting braces is the fact that you may not want to go out and procure supplies in the first couple of days. While your experience might differ, many people find that they would much rather stay home than go out shopping immediately after they fit their braces.

Teeth cleaning before getting braces is a great idea

Most orthodontists recommend cleaning your teeth before getting braces. The reason is the fact that plaque will become much more difficult to remove once the braces are on. Teeth cleaning will also prevent white spots on teeth from forming. While teeth cleaning prior to getting braces is not necessarily something that you “must” do, it is definitely on the list of “it is smart to do”. And, besides, if you have decided to “get your teeth in order”, you might as well do it all the way.

Wear a mouthguard before getting braces

Wearing braces can be quite “odd”. You might find your speech patterns change while you’re wearing braces, and there might be other differences as well. If you want to ensure that you are ready for what is to come, the best thing you can do is purchase and wear a “practice” mouthguard. A mouthguard will provide you with a similar sensation to wearing braces. You can get one for cheap from just about any sporting goods store. You don’t have to wear it all the time, either, just a few minutes each day will do. Wearing a mouthguard is an excellent exercise that will prepare you for the time when you fit your braces. Just make sure to get one that does not conform to your teeth. You want to experience that sensation of having something on your teeth, after all.

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Things you need to know before getting braces

Aside from the things you need to do before getting braces, there are also a few things that you might want to know beforehand. Let’s take a look at what they are.

You might want to get lip balm

person applying lip balm before getting braces
Make sure to apply lip balm before getting braces!

During the bracket application process, there will be no easy way to moisten your lips. Not unless you have some lip balm with you, that is. Make sure to bring the lip balm with you for your brace fitting to avoid any discomfort due to dry lips. Furthermore, not only will lip balm help you during the procedure, but it will also help with comfort throughout the entire brace treatment. It is an excellent thing to have with you at all times.

The application of braces is not painless

The fact of the matter is that brace fitting can cause discomfort and even some pain. Don’t worry, the pain is not anything to fear but the procedure can be quite long and complicated (usually up to two hours). What you may want to do is ensure that you have the rest of the day off to “unwind”. While most patients will be fully capable to resume their daily obligations, it is always beneficial if you can provide yourself with some downtime after the procedure.

Flossing will be a challenge

As you may already know, flossing can be quite difficult even without braces. Most people with braces quickly realize that flossing becomes all but impossible with the braces on. That being said, flossing is still really important for overcoming your smile insecurities, as well as for your overall dental health. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you purchase some “helpers” such as flossing threaders or even a water flosser. Water flossers, in particular, are significantly easier to use with braces and many orthodontists recommend them for this purpose.

Bits of food will get stuck in the braces

three toothbrushes
You may need an extra toothbrush or two.

This is just something you will have to live with. Prepare yourself for bits of food getting stuck in and around your braces. To alleviate some of the issues, you may want to always carry a “braces first aid kit” with you. Aside from anything you might need to take care of your braces, you will also want to have an extra toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as some floss and floss threaders for greater convenience. Depending on the brace type, you may need additional items in your first aid kit. Talk to your orthodontist and ask them if there is anything that is good to include.

Orthodontic wax is your friend

During the early months of wearing braces, you may experience abrasions and lip-rubbing. Left unchecked, this can lead to further complications and might require you to undergo an additional orthodontic procedure. That is why you may want to apply orthodontic wax to the brackets, as it will minimize the effect of rubbing and abrasions. This is especially important during the early months of your treatment when your body will be adapting to the braces. Also, you will want to talk to your orthodontist about the best way to apply the orthodontic wax, as it might be a bit “tricky” for the first time. Lastly, you will need to remember to take the wax off before eating. It may sound like orthodontic wax is not worth the effort but trust us, it is.

The time will pass by before you know it

Even though teeth brace treatment lasts up to two years, most people report that they felt the time “flew by”. While the initial period is always a bit rough, as you are adapting to the new situation, you quickly get accustomed to wearing braces. So much so that you sometimes even forget you are wearing them. They become a part of you, so to speak. And when the time comes to remove the braces, you may feel amazed that it has already been so long.

The braces are well worth it

There’s no denying that teeth braces are expensive. Even though you can get some coverage, you will usually need to pay quite a bit from your own pocket. And in some cases, you might need to pay the full cost on your own. But teeth braces are more than worth the price, for the effect they provide. You simply can’t put a price on the confidence and joy you will experience after the treatment, after all. As you can see, there are quite a few things to do before getting braces, as well as numerous other things to consider. You may have some setbacks throughout the entire process but that is perfectly normal. Your smile is worth the investment, though, and any discomfort, pain, or financial setback you might have will be well worth it in the end.

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If you are looking for the best teeth braces on the market or want to find out more about exactly how they help you get the perfect smile, all the information is readily available within the Consumer Opinion Guide. Our knowledge database will provide you with the answers to all your brace-related questions!

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