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Now more than ever, it is of utmost importance to show care for our surroundings and environment. If you have decided to be more gentle towards the planet we live on, you are most likely thinking about harvesting the power of solar energy. As the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available, you would definitely be making the right decision. At Consumer Opinion Guide, we take great pleasure in helping you pick the best form of solar power for your property. Whether you want to harness the power of this system for generating electricity, water heating, or providing light, we'll help you choose among the rich selection of resources in the world.

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Go Solar Group is a licensed solar/electrical contractor providing residential and commercial photovoltaic systems. The company sells and installs solar systems that produce electricity and offset electrical costs.


  • Excellent customer service
  • NABCEP qualified installer
  • Efficient and certified


  • Rare issues with installation
  • Not available in every state
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SunPower is a solar company offering and providing reliable energy solutions for homeowners and businesses with the most comprehensive warranty in the solar industry.


  • Long warranty
  • Various financing solutions
  • Broad U.S. dealer network


  • PPAs available only for commercial client
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Enphase was founded in 2006. It designs and manufactures software-driven home energy solutions, home energy storage, and web-based monitoring and control.


  • 10-year warranty on its microinverters
  • Considered the global leader in microinverter technology
  • Produces solar batteries, communication gateways, monitoring systems, installer toolkits, and accessories


  • Warranty claims may get complicated
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SolarEdge is an Israeli inverter company founded in 2006. According to the company, more than 2.5 million SolarEdge inverters and over 60 million power optimizers have been shipped worldwide since 2010.


  • Advanced safety features
  • Small, lightweight, and easy to install
  • Standard 12-year warranty (extendable to 20 or 25 years)


  • Delays in problem diagnostics
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Sunrun is a company that sells and leases customized residential solar energy systems in 20 states. Clients are able to buy or lease a system with $0 down. Sunrun provides free quotes and energy consultations and quotes. More than 250,000 homes in the U.S. have gone solar with Sunrun.


  • Flexible payment options are available
  • Warranty with complete coverage
  • Daily system monitoring


  • Limited price transparency
  • Systems are not available in every state

If you are still on the fence about making this investment, you ought to consider the benefits of solar panels before making the final decision. From the financial benefits of solar to being green and more energy independent, everyone stands to gain a lot from solar energy.

  • Solar panels create clean energy that won’t pollute the air we breathe.
  • Solar panels don’t require water in order to create energy, which could solve water scarcity issues.
  • Solve the dependence on non-renewable energy sources (such as fossil fuel) by opting for solar panels.
  • With cleaner air come cleaner lugs, as solar panels will improve the health of humanity in the long run.
  • With solar energy, we try to fight the effects of the climate change crisis.

Since you have so much to gain and practically nothing to lose, we believe you will start your search for the right solar panels soon enough. Your search doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult – not with Consumer Opinion Guide by your side.

Choosing the right panels for your property

Once you have decided to install solar panels at your home, there is an important decision ahead. We don’t think you should make such an important decision without having all the facts. When choosing the right solar panels for your home, it’s of utmost importance to pay special attention to five factors that will have a major say in the final decision.

  • The cost – it goes without saying that you will be working with limited funds which will dictate which panels you opt for. Of course, you shouldn’t let the cost alone be the determining factor.
  • The quality – different companies use different materials for the production of their panels. Check customer reviews to get an insight into whether you will be making a wise decision.
  • Durability – it is customary to get a 25-year warranty from your solar panel company. Anything less than that for an investment of that kind is a source of concern.
  • The size – here we are referring to both the physical size and the size in Watts. You need to install a system that can power all of your devices and you need enough space to install it.
  • The types of solar cells – you can choose among solar panels with three different types of solar cells.

Making a hasty decision for a project of this magnitude would certainly not be a good decision. Therefore, let Consumer Opinion Guide help you opt for the right kind of solar energy system for your needs and finances.

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Invest in solar power today and hope for a better tomorrow

If you are the kind of person that wants to make this planet a better place, then you are going to love solar energy and everything it brings to the table. At Consumer Opinion Guide, we know that solar power is the way of the future. That’s why we love helping you choose the right source of energy for you, making sure you make a good financial decision in the process.

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