About Us

Consumer Opinion Guide offers users the chance to make informed decisions that can make life better and simpler.

Consumer Opinion Guide is a platform established and devoted to helping both businesses and consumers by being the bridge between them. On the one side, our team helps businesses in different niches stand out through the quality of their products/services. On the other side, we help consumers make smart decisions when looking for top-rated companies in specific industries.

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Choose the best solutions for your needs

At the very core of our mission, we believe in the freedom of choice. The modern market and consumerism world we live in nurtures healthy competitiveness and a wide selection of companies based on a number of factors. Through hours of research and data analysis, our platform comes up with a top selection of companies for a wide range of industries. That way, customers are able to compare multiple companies before choosing the one they want to do business with.

  • The opinion of consumers should always come first – embrace your freedom to choose the best solutions for your needs with the detailed research that our team provides!

How does our team create its top selection lists of companies?

Choosing a premium selection of companies comes down to more than doing an online search and looking at reviews. For our team here at Consumer Opinion Guide, this is a process that is comprised of a set of different criteria and standards. We invest manpower and resources into hours and hours of research before coming to a decision of whether or not a company deserves to be listed on our website. Our editors pride themselves on the selection process they go through to offer site visitors a premium choice of companies for their unique needs.

The research we do is based on reviews that come from verified users just like yourself. We may use our own reviews as well as third-party reviews to establish the star rating for all the companies on our website. Our team constantly works in monitoring new reviews and incorporating them into the overall rating of all the businesses listed on our website.

How does Consumer Opinion Guide stay in business?

It’s important for our team to maintain honesty and transparency in our efforts to make life easier for consumers. That being said, some of the businesses on our website that are labeled as “Partner” do provide us with compensation when site visitors click on their links. If you don’t click or use the links on our website, we will not be compensated.

Ranking and the order of products on our site are subject to change and partners may influence their position on our website, including the order in which they appear on our Consumer Opinion Guide listings. Regardless of partner or compensation, we take into account many additional factors to provide insights and recommendations around each category displayed on our website.

Make informed decisions that can make life better and simpler

Consumer Opinion Guide stands firmly behind the editorial choices we make when selecting the companies we list on our website. All our analysts, staff writers, and editors follow very strict guidelines to remain impartial and to guarantee integrity. Our brand stands for honesty, precision, and assistance. Your trust is the drive that fuels our desire to do what we do, and we never take that for granted. We rely on you just as much as you rely on us! Hi, Impact!