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Varsity Tutors is an online learning platform that employs graduates across North America to be online tutors for school children, college students, and young professionals. With over 100k registered students across the USA, Varsity Tutors offers comprehensive programs that cover a wide range of subjects. Cover education levels from kindergarten through college and complete with CPA certification exam preparation. Visit the company’s website to find out if its services fit your needs or that of your child.

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  • Offers large group classes and 1-on-1 private tutoring
  • Summer camps and extracurricular for children.
  • Free courses and learning resources for self-education.
  • Employs only carefully vetted and experienced tutors.
  • Tutoring for all ages.
  • Teaching plans are tailored to each student.
  • Corporate tutoring plans are available.


  • Requires strong internet connection.
  • Advanced classes and courses cost extra.
  • The employee satisfaction rate is medium.

As the modern world keeps advancing and expanding through digitalization and sharing knowledge, education has evolved. And with so many different career opportunities and remote work options, students simply don’t have time to waste when it comes to their education and keeping up with the fast-paced progress of the world. Given that standpoint, it has become clear that education should also evolve through the notion of digitalization, to enable people to acquire knowledge no matter their physical location or the time of day. Our team here at Consumer Opinion Guide has come to comprehend the importance of finding the best online tutoring solutions and just how much that can improve the quality of life. And that is why our platform is here is to bring to you the most significant advantages of online education as well as a selection of top-rated online tutoring platforms.

What is online tutoring?

With online tutoring services, qualified teachers, tutors, subject matter experts, or mentors teach students in one-on-one or group sessions via video chat, phone, or even online chat and email. You might build a long-term relationship with a specific tutor over time, or you might use a tutoring service that allows you to contact a variety of instructors at any time of day or night.

What is the cost of online tutoring solutions?

The costs of online tutoring services vary widely, depending on the tutor’s level of expertise, training, and education. In general, however, you might expect an hour of one-on-one online tutoring to cost $30 to $80, on average. A larger online tutoring package, which might include test prep and access to online resources as well as multiple hours of live instruction, might cost more than $1,000.

Minute-by-minute online tutoring services—for students who have a specific question or need homework help—are becoming increasingly popular. Usually, these services cost around $1 per minute—usually with a minimum amount of time per session.

Some online tutoring services have steep discounts available for people who buy monthly subscriptions to a certain total number of hours of tutoring (or even unlimited hours per month). These services are often more affordable. And, students from military families or those who demonstrate financial need might be able to access free or low-cost online tutoring.

Who should look into online tutoring platforms?

Many families seek out online tutoring services for their children when they are falling behind in a given subject and need to beef up their understanding in a given area. Students often greatly benefit from an online tutor’s targeted, one-on-one attention in a subject area they struggle with.

Some students seek out online tutoring services for a particular, targeted purpose, such as standardized test prep. Others might want help for a one-time need, such as an essay review or assistance in crafting a college admissions essay.

Gifted students who want more of a challenge, or who are interested in an AP course or elective that isn’t offered at their school might also find online tutoring services enriching.

Finally, online tutoring services can also help students who need instant homework help. Some online tutoring services give students access to immediate assistance from a subject matter expert at any time, day or night, which can be particularly helpful if you have a specific question on an assignment.

Online Tutoring vs. In-person Tutoring

Many online tutoring websites also offer in-person tutoring. There are advantages to both types, but the kind you choose will ultimately depend on your child’s personality and preferences.

With online tutoring, your child doesn’t need to leave the house, ask you for a ride, or even get dressed—he or she can literally study in their pajamas. Online tutoring also allows the option for later night tutoring sessions, which are not as practical when you’re scheduling in-person meetings.

On the other hand, in-person tutoring can be easier for kids with ADHD or learning difficulties. It’s easier to concentrate if there is a real, live person in front of you as opposed to watching someone on a screen (someone who is not as interesting as YouTube or TV).

In-person tutoring can also give kids an extra level of motivation. Sometimes, it can be hard to feel motivated if you’re in your pajamas. But if you have to get dressed, go out, and talk to someone, it can give you that extra oomph you need to be invested.

Guide to choosing the best online tutoring services

Check accreditation

We think the best sites are those that hire their tutors based on their credentials. You’ll want to find someone with teaching and tutoring experience before entering a session. You’ll also want to check out the safety and privacy policy of the tutoring service in order to protect both you and your students and to manage your payment options securely. It’s also worth it to check to see if the site you’re using has a guarantee that protects you from having to pay for a bad first session with a tutor.

Review the features

There’s a lot of technology that makes sharing information easier than ever. That said, even the most cutting-edge tutoring suites require some patience and know-how to use. Make sure you use the free trials and the demo learning suite tools to make the most of your experience before signing up for a certain number of minutes or entering into a payment plan.

Consider payment

You’ll want to watch for payment plans that require you to pay a lot upfront. Though pay-as-you-go plans tend to be a bit more expensive than purchasing a package of hours, it might be worth it to use this option to make sure you’re happy with the service and your tutor.

The Consumer Opinion Guide selection process

We selected these programs for our list of the best online tutoring services based on the variety of available subjects, tutoring and teaching expertise, along with quality, affordability, flexibility, tutor availability, and user-friendly technology.

Our Rating System

The research we do is based on reviews that come from verified users just like yourself. We may use our own reviews as well as third-party reviews to establish the star rating for all the companies on our website. Our team constantly works in monitoring new reviews and incorporating them into the overall rating of all the businesses listed on our website.

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