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There is nothing more valuable than our health. And when our health and wellbeing are in jeopardy, the one thing that we need is quick medical assistance. Since time is of the essence, people have been opting for medical alert devices that save lives on a daily basis. They are particularly important for senior citizens who experience frequent falls and can't always call for help. We here at Consumer Opinion Guides never underestimate the importance of getting the right medical alert system for you. It's because we understand the importance of these devices that we will be more than happy to help you choose the right lifesaving system for yourself.

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MobileHelp uses nationwide wireless and GPS technology to help seniors and people in need of care feel safe in and outside their homes. They provide real-time monitoring services to clients based in all 50 US countries. MobileHelp has an innovative mobile platform for online tracking and offers other affordable, technologically advanced medical alert and monitoring options.


  • No long term contracts and no hidden fees
  • GPS tracking provides greater safety
  • Real time medical monitoring services
  • Helpful customer service


  • Equipment replacement might be expensive
  • Fall detection as an add-on service
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Medical Guardian offers medical alert systems and round the clock protection. They have a 24/7 monitoring center operating on the highest standards and skilled customer service specialists who are equipped to effectively communicate with clients in need.


  • Exclusive offers for grandparents
  • Medical alert systems for different lifestyles
  • Award winning in-home alert devices


  • Fall detection as optional add-on
  • Emergency notification as an upgrade
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Medical Alert delivers in-home and mobile medical alert systems designed for seniors and people in need of care. Medical Alert falls under Connect America company and operates nationwide. It offers 24/7 monitoring services, at home and on the go. Monthly plans start at $19.95.


  • Support network with 24/7 response
  • Operator remains on the line until help arrives
  • No hidden fees and no activation fees


  • Product variety can be considered limited
  • Fall detection on separate device
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With LifeStation you can monitor your loved ones in need of care in real time using advanced technology. You can do it remotely knowing your elderly family members are safe and secure with a 24/7 response center. LifeStation features emergency help and 40 years of experience in creating and distributing medical alert systems.


  • Medical alert systems designed for different lifestyles
  • At home and on the go
  • 24/7 emergency help
  • Fast response time


  • Additional fees


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Aloe Care Health creates and distributes medical alert solutions to the elderly and their caregivers. Aloe Care has a fast response rate and systems that are easy to set up. The mobile app both for Android and iPhone is well designed and easy to use, making caregivers more secure about the well-being of their senior loved ones.


  • Connects directly to 24/7 response center
  • App available for iPhone and Android
  • Five Diamond emergency response center


  • Basic plan does not include mobile personal emergency response device
  • Fall detection as an add-on feature

Who qualifies for a medical alert system?

If you are in doubt about whether or not to get a medical alert system, it might help to know whether you are a good candidate. In case you are thinking about purchasing these alert systems for yourself or your loved one, consider the following situations to be the ones where you will want to purchase a medical alert device:

  • If a senior is living alone and/or far away from you.
  • If a senior citizen is prone to falls. 
  • In case a person has suffered a recent fall or a stroke.  

You can never be too cautious when it comes to health. Thus, if you are trying to choose the perfect medical alert system for your parent or relative, you definitely don’t want to make the wrong decision. Certainly, you won’t let the price be the determining factor. Instead, you will consider certain features that different providers have to offer.

Recommended Medical alert system companies

Which factors do you need to take into consideration when choosing medical alert devices?

We know that you want to make the best decision for the person that you love. Consumer Opinion Guide thinks that you could definitely use the experience of others when choosing your system. And others have been dependant on a couple of factors that will lead you to the perfect medical alert system for the one you want to purchase it for.

  • Fall detection – can the device detect a fall and alert the monitoring center?
  • Water-resistance – does the device work when it gets wet?
  • Battery life – how long does the battery last and are there any backup batteries?
  • Range – how far from the base unit can a person go for the device to work properly?
  • In-home or mobile unit – will the device work once the user is outside of his/her home?
  • Mobile app or online portal – do smartphone users get any extra features?

Of course, you must understand that choosing your medical alert system is a very responsible and serious decision. These features that we here at Consumer Opinion Guide have listed are only the basic guidelines, but we’d like to help you perform in-depth research.

Consumer Opinion Guide will gladly guide you to the perfect system for you

If you don’t want to risk making the wrong decision, you should let Consumer Opinion Guide be your guiding light. Our consumers have a lot of experience with medical alert devices, which helps us lead you to the right system for you. Get the best alert system for the most affordable price with our help that’s at your complete disposal.

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