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Calmerry is an online consulting platform connecting clients with first-class mental care professionals. The mission of the company is providing easy access to quality therapy and emotional support affordable to anyone. It hosts a supportive environment and a growing community of fully certified and detailly vetted therapists who draw upon clinical practices

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  • Licensed and vetted therapists
  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Daily support sessions are available
  • Individual matching of clients and therapists
  • Affordable rates
  • One-on-one video sessions
  • No commute is necessary
  • Digital worksheets provided
  • Confidentiality


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The Online Therapy program is a well-thought program that can offer a lot to those in need of emotional support. The staff is highly qualified and has years of experience with treating mental health problems using proven and well-researched CBT methods.

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  • Access to hands-on tools 24/7
  • Available internationally
  • Evidence-based
  • Experienced & qualified therapists
  • HIPAA complaint
  • Live sessions
  • Long-term results


  • Can’t be used for emergency medical needs
  • No group therapies
  • No in-person, face-to-face, appointments
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Talkspace is the perfect substitution for traditional therapy. With 80% of Talkspace users finding this way of therapy as effective or more effective than traditional therapy, it’s the right choice for people who are looking for some help and support.

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  • Multiple monthly subscription plans are available
  • Convenient communication options
  • Teen counseling
  • Couples therapy
  • Medication management services
  • Licensed therapists
  • Option to choose your therapist from recommended suggestions


  • Group therapy is not available
  • No therapist bios are posted on the website
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Sesame offers coverage across the US, employing over 10 thousand medical practitioners that have since helped over 100 thousand patients. The platform allows doctors to charge their own price per appointment, lowering the overall expenses by as much as 60% by cutting out the middleman between patients and physicians. With Sesame, the platform users get clear care that involves just you, your doctor, and one upfront price.

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  • One transparent price per appointment.
  • No insurance is required.
  • Saves up to 60% by cutting out the middleman.
  • Doctors can provide prescriptions and order lab work.
  • Offers door-to-door delivery of medications.
  • All doctors are vetted and board-certified.


  • Appointment charges must be paid directly.
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HealthSapiens is an NYC-based online healthcare platform that connects patients with medical professionals. The medicine ranges from modern healthcare to traditional and alternative medicine. Doctors and therapists are available at all times, offering 24/7 medical support and guidance. The platform covers all 50 states via internet-connected devices and phones, and the platform charges a flat-rate monthly fee and no co-pay or per-visit fees.

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  • 24/7 availability to healthcare
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Covers all 50 US states
  • No co-pay and per-visit charges
  • Licensed medical professionals
  • Low monthly payment plans
  • Affordable family plans
  • Confidential & private


  • Requires strong internet connection.
  • Does not accept insurance.
  • Therapists are automatically assigned.

With the internet being available to a very large number of people these days, it’s easier than ever to get the help you need, no matter the issue at hand. Online DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) is readily accessible through numerous top online therapy websites and presents a very viable alternative to in-person DBT. This therapy modality teaches people how to live in the moment, how to develop healthy coping habits, as well as how to improve their relationships with other people. If you ever wanted to know what DBT entails, what are its techniques, who is it suitable for, as well as the benefits of DBT, you’re in the right place! We will also provide you with some recommendations on how to get the best online DBT therapy and how to get started.

person using a laptop to find the best online dbt therapy
Online therapy is the future of psychotherapy.

What is DBT?

You may have already heard about CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). Dialectical behavior therapy modifies this approach and focuses on teaching people how to live in the moment. It also helps patients in developing ways to cope with stress, and improve social relationships. The patients also learn how to regulate their emotions. Note that traditional, in-person therapy sessions can be expensive and that you might want to look into online options instead.

Originally intended to treat BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), DBT has since been adapted to cover many other mental health conditions. For example, patients that may have trouble regulating their emotions will greatly benefit from this treatment modality. As will any patients that exhibit self-destructive behavior. Examples of the latter include substance use and eating disorders. Lastly, DBT is also quite effective in dealing with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Techniques used in DBT

Dialectical behavior therapy can be used in several settings:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Online therapy/phone coaching

Depending on the patient’s needs and requirements, the therapist and the patient can opt for either one of the above settings. Group therapy is best for learning behavioral skills, whereas individual therapy adapts these behavioral skills to unique challenges present in one’s life. Online therapy, on the other hand, has the benefit of being supremely available. The patients will have the opportunity to contact and talk with their therapist even between sessions.

Regardless of the setting, there are several distinct principles that DBT uses to achieve great results:

  • Core mindfulness
  • Distress tolerance
  • Emotional regulation
  • Interpersonal effectiveness

Core mindfulness

One of the most important aspects of DBT is that it helps people develop “mindfulness skills”. Being mindful means that it is a lot easier to focus on the moment and live in the present. As many mental issues are connected to “living” in the past (e.g. depression), or living in the future (e.g. anxiety), learning how to become mindful can be of immense help. Additionally, learning mindfulness skills will allow the patients to pay more attention to what is happening inside them. Individuals with high mindfulness can always realize and understand their feelings, impulses, and sensations.

Overall, being mindful will help you focus on using coping techniques exactly when you need them. It will also somewhat curb and prevent impulsive behavior and avoid being automatically negative. There are numerous exercises that the best online DBT therapy utilizes to raise mindfulness in patients, and their usage depends on the individual. For example, a simple breathing exercise where the patient pays close attention to their breath, the sensation of inhaling and exhaling, as well as looking at the rise and fall of their stomach, can be extremely effective in raising mindfulness.

Distress tolerance

person enjoying a moment
Learning how to improve the moment is a key aspect of DBT.

Learning how to manage distress is a key skill that is beneficial to just about everyone. In DBT, the key techniques that are used to handle a crisis are:

  • Distraction;
  • Improving the moment;
  • Thinking of pros/cons;
  • Self-soothing.

By practicing these tolerance techniques, patients will become capable of dealing even with the most intense emotions. A very simple exercise to illustrate the point is “Putting your body in charge”. What this means is that you allow your body to simply move, seemingly of its own accord. Try not to think about anything and allow your emotions to follow your body instead.

Emotional regulation

This technique allows patients to deal with very powerful emotions in an effective way. The emotional regulation technique teaches the skills that are helpful in identifying, naming, and changing one’s emotions. Being able to recognize intense negative emotions has the effect of reducing the emotional vulnerability that stems from them. Furthermore, by learning these skills, the patients can even transform some negative emotional experiences into positive ones.

An example of the technique is a so-called “Opposite action”. In this exercise, the patient tries to identify how they are feeling and then do the opposite. Thus, if the patient is feeling very sad and wants to be all on their own, they will make an effort to connect to the people they love. In many (if not most) cases, what we want is not what is right for us. This fact, however, makes it harder to recognize a bad therapist from a good one, as both may put you in a state of emotional turmoil to achieve progress. It may be hard to notice the difference between helpful and unhelpful methods, after all.

Interpersonal effectiveness

Improving the interpersonal effectiveness of their relationships helps patients become more assertive, as well as maintain healthy and positive relationships. The patients learn how to express their needs, how to say no, how to communicate effectively, and how to listen to others. An example of the techniques used is the “GIVE” exercise.

The patients are encouraged to be Gentle, meaning that they refrain from judging, threatening, or attacking others. They also need to show Interest, Validate and acknowledge the thoughts and feelings of the person they are talking to while maintaining an Easy attitude.

Being light-hearted with a pleasant smile is one of the most effective ways to improve one’s interpersonal effectiveness, after all.

What does DBT teach?

While every patient is unique and may require a specific treatment approach, there are a few skills that almost every DBT will impart to its patients. First, the patients will learn acceptance and change. This involves learning strategies on how to tolerate and accept the circumstances in one’s life, their emotions, and their own self. Learning these skills will also help patients create and maintain meaningful relationships.

The best online DBT therapy also involves behavioral changes, where patients learn to analyze unhelpful behavior patterns and replace them with helpful and more effective ones.

happy woman
By learning how to accept changes, you may be able to take control of your life.

Patients will also focus on changing their thoughts and beliefs, as part of a cognitive transformation process. Furthermore, by effectively communicating with the therapist or a therapy group, patients also learn collaboration. This leads to learning new and improved skill sets, all the while having support from the therapist. Patients learn how to recognize, develop, and use their own attributes and strengths, allowing them to become the better versions of themselves one step at a time.

Who can benefit from DBT?

Even though DBT was developed with the goal of helping people with borderline personality disorder, the modality has great effectiveness when it comes to dealing with:

  • Bipolar disorders
  • Substance use disorders
  • Suicidal behavior
  • ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder)
  • Eating disorders
  • GAD (Generalized anxiety disorders)
  • Major depressive disorders including chronic depression

The reason why DBT is so effective in dealing with all these mental health conditions is the fact that the patient and therapist will work together to resolve any contradictions that may prevent self-acceptance. The patient’s feelings are being validated and made sense of, which makes the patient more cooperative and likely to change.

DBT’s effectiveness is also not diminished based on sex, gender identity, race, age, or sexual orientation. Of course, the therapy remains one of the best options for people with BPD, as there are numerous studies (including a well-respected Berlin Borderline Study) that can attest to its effectiveness. DBT that incorporates skills training is also particularly effective in dealing with suicidal behavior. Another study suggests that DBT can complement the treatment of children with DMDD (Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder).

Is DBT right for you?

Before you decide to undergo DBT, you may want to know that it requires a significant time investment. Aside from the therapy sessions themselves, patients are also required to do homework. This means that you will need to work on polishing your skills outside of counseling sessions. Needless to say, this can be extremely hard for some individuals. Additionally, there may be some emotional pain and traumatic experiences throughout the therapy process, something that some people may be upset by.

The best way to figure out whether DBT is the right match for your needs is to talk with a trained professional. They will evaluate whether your symptoms and goals align with DBT. Finding a DBT professional used to be very difficult, as they are few and far between. But all of that changed recently, with the advent of the internet. These days, you can find the best online DBT therapy from the safety of your home!

Online DBT

When it comes to online therapy vs in-person therapy, it is important to note that both approaches follow the exact same structure. The main difference between the two is the fact that online DBT is much more accessible. With today’s technology, many of the limitations of online interactions are now removed.

software developer
Modern technology removes most of the limitations of online therapy.

The advantages of online counseling are numerous, as online DBT allows the patients to choose among a large number of therapists, making it possible to select the best therapist for their needs. Traditionally,  people used to drive to other towns on a regular basis to see a DBT therapist. When there’s only one therapist in a 6-hour driving range, you don’t have many choices, after all. But with online DBT, everything changes. Patients are now capable of conducting therapy sessions from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Of course, there are some challenges that may need to be overcome, such as poor internet connection, the need for specialized equipment, and other technological difficulties.

Pros and cons of online DBT

Overall, the best online DBT therapy has the following pros:

  • Convenience/Affordability
  • A great option for remote areas
  • Accessible for people with physical limitations
  • Approachable treatment

And the following cons:

  • Usually not covered by insurance
  • Lack of crisis response
  • No “body language”
  • Not suitable for serious mental illnesses

It is very important to consider the “entire package” when deciding whether to undertake DBT or not. For example, one of the main benefits of DBT is affordability. Online therapy sessions are, for the most part, much more affordable than in-person ones. But on the other side, your insurance may not cover the therapy cost, which can actually make it more expensive. To find affordable online counseling, you will need to balance the two. Luckily, online therapy is slowly transitioning to be the norm, as more and more states require their insurance providers to cover online sessions in the same way as offline ones.

Also, the online environment all but removes “body language” from the therapy sessions. While the technology will allow you to see and hear the therapist, it simply cannot replace the “feel” of another human being next to you. But some people actually prefer not being in the same room as their therapist. The defining factors of online DBT, however, are convenience and approachability.

Since patients attend their sessions from their own homes, there is no need to spend time and money getting to the therapist’s office. Furthermore, many people find it much easier to talk to another person over a computer screen when discussing mental health issues. This makes it easier to overcome the stigma normally associated with mental health issues.

How to start with DBT?

To find the best online DBT therapy for your needs, you may need to evaluate several factors. First, you will need to figure out the length and frequency of sessions that you want. Then you need to spend some time discovering and evaluating the available therapists. Lastly, you may want to consider whether you will be paying for the sessions out of pocket or utilizing insurance. There are low-cost therapy networks that do not use health insurance, after all, and choosing only the ones that do might not be in your best interest. If you want to find all the top online DBT companies, as well as even more on DBT itself, browse and explore Consumer Opinion Guide. We are there to provide you with all the information you may need to make the optimal choice!

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