Moving hacks that will make your relocation easier

Moving from one place to another is always difficult, especially if you are moving out of state. In fact, many people say that interstate relocation is pretty much the most stressful thing they have ever done in their lives. It can be made easier if you hire one of the best interstate moving companies, of course, but you can also make it easier by adopting a few moving hacks. In this article, we will provide you with a sizeable selection of hacks, all of which will make your relocation a bit easier. From disposable cups and plates to utilizing towels in a certain way, these hacks have the potential to make your move a lot smoother.

12 moving hacks you need to know

  • Disposable cups and plates
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Vertical packing
  • Hangers and garbage bags
  • Color-coding
  • Box “handles”
  • Egg cartons
  • Rubber bands
  • Pots as containers
  • Plastic boxes for liquids
  • Towels
  • Movers
two professional movers
Hiring professional movers will make everything easier.

Aside from these hacks, there are a lot of things that you can do to make your relocation easier. In our nationwide moving tips, we’ve mentioned the importance of decluttering, choosing the best time to move, getting some help from friends and family, and so on. But those can’t really be defined as “hacks”. Still, if you want to make your relocation as easy as possible, you will do well to heed that advice as well. You will also want to set a budget beforehand, get packing supplies, create a checklist, etc. All in all, there is a lot to do when facing a relocation. That said, let’s see how we can make the whole moving process a bit easier.

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Utilize disposable cups and plates

Since you will be packing all your cups and plates, you will not have any available if you want to have a meal at some point in the relocation. You would have to unpack a box or two to get plates and cups and then you have to pack them all over again. But if you purchase a few disposable plates and cups beforehand, you can enjoy your food the right way without sacrificing anything! Therefore, pack a small “first-day” bag with disposable cups and plates. You will be glad you did so when you are exhausted after the move and want something to eat.

Toilet paper tubes are ideal for packing cables

one of the amazing moving hacks - toilet paper tubes
Toilet paper tubes are ideal containers for your cables.

You may want to start “saving up” toilet paper tubes a few months before the relocation. One of the more annoying things that happen during the relocation process is that your cables get tangled up. It is simply one of the risks of moving by yourself. After all, you don’t have any specialized cable containers. Or do you? Enter toilet paper tubes, the perfect cable container! The size of the tubes makes them perfect for pretty much any standard cable you might have. Toilet paper tubes will allow you to easily pack and store individual cables without worrying about them tangling up!

Pack your plates vertically

Plates are some of the items that break the most during the relocation process. Most people simply stack plates one on top of another and transport them that way. But by doing that, you are putting your plates in greater danger. Stack them vertically instead! Of course, carefully wrap each plate to minimize the chance of them breaking. The best material to use for this purpose is bubble wrap but you can also use packing paper, towels, or cloth items.

One of the best moving hacks there is – Leaving your clothes on their hangers

Folding and packing clothes is one of the more annoying packing tasks. And, to be honest, it is not a task that you want to do in the first place. Not for the clothes that are usually on hangers, that is. What you can do, instead of removing the hangers, is to keep them on their hangers. Then take some garbage bags, wrap the clothes in them, and transport them that way. It is almost like using a special wardrobe box! But much cheaper!

Color-code your boxes

We can’t stress this hack enough. While packing, make sure that each box gets a special color to represent where it needs to go. This will make the packing (and unpacking) process much faster and much easier. As part of planning your long distance moving process, you may also want to create a chart that explains what color means. That way, you will not even need to write anything on the boxes themselves, just splash a bit of color! Color coding saves so much time, you would not believe it.

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Create “handles” for your boxes

person carrying a box
Boxes without handles can be tricky to carry.

If you plan on carrying a lot of boxes around (and you will), you may want to know that carrying heavy boxes can be quite unwieldy. If only those boxes had handles, everything would be much easier. Well, they can have handles! What you can do is cut out a small part of the box, roughly one-third of the way down, and the handle will be created! These handles will allow for easier carrying, no matter how heavy the box might be! You might need gloves for the heaviest boxes, though.

One of the amazing moving hacks – Egg cartons

You can use egg cartons to pack your jewelry or similar fragile and tangle-prone items. Egg cartons have nifty compartments that can store small items and they are designed to provide protection to fragile eggs. Aside from jewelry, you can transport miniatures this way, or any small-sized fragile items. Place them in another box, add some padding and wrapping and you’re good to go!

Utilize rubber bands to stop doors from opening

When the moving day arrives, you (or your movers) will be carrying numerous boxes through one or more doors. And if you are looking to save some money and have decided to unpack on your own, you will be doing the same after you arrive at your new home. Now, you don’t want to keep your doors open all the time, as that is a security risk. But you don’t want to have to operate a doorknob every single time. Enter a very simple moving hack: Putting a rubber band around the doorknob. By doing so, you will prevent the doors from latching on and will be able to open them easily.

Pack some items inside the kitchen pots

three kitchen pots
Kitchen pots are practically containers!

Large pots are practically moving boxes on their own when you think about it. Why waste so much space when you can pack small items inside? All your kitchen gadgets, spice bottles and the like can be safe and sound within a pot. They go to the same place, after all, it only makes sense!

Use plastic boxes for your liquids

If you don’t want to contend with spilled liquids ruining the entire contents of the box, pack them in plastic boxes. Any liquid that spills inside a plastic box will be fully contained and the mess will be much easier to clean. You can get plastic boxes from your movers, you can buy them at your local store, or you can even order them online.

Towels are amazing for filling holes and wrapping fragile items

If you simply pack your towels inside a towel box, you’re doing it wrong. You can use towels to great effect. They can be used to wrap fragile items, fill any blank spaces inside your boxes, as well as general padding material. And, as you may already know, a towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstate mover can have.

One of the best moving hacks there is – Professional movers

Speaking of interstate movers, there are no better moving hacks than hiring professionals. If you spend enough money, you can forget all about moving woes and enjoy your relocation. Convenience is one of the main reasons to hire professional movers, after all. If you so wish, you can even leave the entire relocation to them while you go on a holiday! Granted, that is not always the best thing to do but the possibility is there. Ideally, you will want to be there while your movers are working and make sure that everything is proceeding according to your wishes.

That being said, you will need to be careful when hiring movers, especially for a long-distance relocation. Research and compare moving companies before you make your choice, and always get at least a quote from three different movers. That way, you will be able to avoid common moving scams and get the best possible deal. And if you’re moving in the summer and plan on hiring movers, make sure to book them early.

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These were just a few of the best moving hacks we’ve encountered. If you want to make your move even easier, Consumer Opinion Guide is there to help you out! We can help you find the best movers and provide you with all the moving information you might need.

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