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Consumer Opinion Guide helps you find the best and most affordable dental surgeries offering invisible braces in Arizona.

If you want to straighten your teeth but are put off by the look of traditional braces, invisible braces might be the best solution and Consumer Opinion Guide is here to help you find the best dental specialists offering invisible braces in Arizona. Invisalign, for example, is particularly popular in larger cities such as Phoenix, but you can usually find invisible braces in a city of any size. Before you decide on invisible braces, however, you may want to know more about these modern orthodontics. To help you find the best invisible braces Arizona has to offer, we will provide you with an overview of their benefits, cost breakdown, as well as how to find the best deal! Consult Consumer Opinion Guide and get a clear understanding of why and how to get invisible braces in Arizona!

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Benefits of invisible braces

The primary function of teeth braces is to help straighten your teeth. However, there are many different types of braces to take into consideration for this purpose. Each type has unique benefits, considerations, and usage scenarios. Here’s what invisible braces have going for them:

  • Comfort
  • “Invisibility”
  • Easier to clean
  • No food adjustments
  • Fewer office visits

Furthermore, most invisible braces are perfectly safe for all age groups. Invisalign, for example, is safe for children, adolescents, and adults alike. Even so, most orthodontists recommend waiting until 13 or 14 years of age before getting Invisalign. However, this recommendation is largely due to responsibility and maintenance issues that younger children may have.

Now, let’s take a look at why you might want to get invisible braces to straighten your teeth.

Invisible braces are more comfortable

Teeth braces are not exactly comfortable, due to the fact that they need to apply pressure to your teeth. This sentiment is shared by thousands of people in the Tucson Metro Area. However, by wearing one of the best invisible braces Arizona has to offer, the discomfort can be minimized.

invisible braces Arizona
Invisible braces allow for comfortable teeth straightening.

Invisible braces will scrape against your tongue, gums, and cheek much less, noticeably decreasing the overall discomfort level. This will make it easier to maintain your oral health, as you will not dread brushing and flossing. You will still need to adjust to your invisible braces but the adjustment period is much lower than with traditional braces.

You can hide your dental treatment

The fact of the matter is that few people, especially in some of the smaller Arizona cities (Sedona, Tombstone, Bisbee, etc.) want to “stand out” because they are wearing orthodontics. There are many ways in which braces improve your confidence in the long run but their appearance is what stands out the most. With invisible braces, however, no one needs to know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Not unless you want them to know, of course.

Invisible braces are easier to clean

If you have ever worn traditional braces (or know someone that has), chances are that you already know how difficult they are to maintain. Unlike traditional braces, however, invisible braces are much easier to maintain and keep clean. This can be quite important in Phoenix, for example, as Phoenix is ranked 10th for short-term particle pollution in the country. The fact that you can remove the aligner trays means that cleaning your aligners is quick and easy! All you need to do is gently brush them with toothpaste and warm water.

You will be able to eat and drink whatever you want

The ability to remove aligner trays is a godsend when it comes to meals. Traditional braces simply do not allow for this option. While you may want to do some meal planning with braces, you will largely be able to eat whatever you want! Just make sure that you rinse your mouth and properly brush your teeth before you put the aligners back in.

Invisible braces require fewer office visits

Perhaps the most important benefit of going with invisible braces in Arizona is the fact that they require fewer office visits. Life in Arizona can be very hectic, especially in Phoenix, Tucson, and Mesa. Phoenix, in particular, has a population of almost 1.6 million, and its people live in a fast-paced environment. Lowering the amount of time you spend at the orthodontist’s office is quite a boon indeed.

With Invisalign treatment, for example, you will get aligner trays for several phases in advance. This means that you don’t need to visit your orthodontist to get a new set. Furthermore, invisible braces do not require any tightening, reducing the time in the office even further!

dentist's office
You will need to visit the dentist’s office far less frequently.

The cost of invisible braces in Arizona

Invisible braces can be quite expensive. However, they are not that much more expensive than traditional metal braces. In fact, you can find invisible braces for as low as $2,000 if you look for them online. The real cost in Arizona is, unfortunately, much higher than that. For example, undergoing a standard invisible braces Arizona treatment will cost you anywhere between $6,000 and $7,000 in Phoenix. In Tucson, the same treatment is usually priced slightly lower, at around $5,500 on average.

In general, you will need to set aside anywhere between $4,500 and $6,000 if you are planning on getting invisible braces in Arizona. Overall, the cost of braces in The Copper State falls within the national average. However, there might be additional costs that are involved in the teeth straightening process. There are quite a few things to do before getting braces, after all. Before you order your invisible braces, make sure that you are comfortable with all the associated costs, not only the cost of the braces themselves.

Does insurance cover invisible braces in Arizona?

Given the somewhat high cost of invisible braces, it is only natural to want to use your insurance to pay for them. Unless you are one of the 10% of uninsured Arizona residents, you will most likely be able to utilize your health insurance plan to help pay for your braces. Since the average annual employee premium in Arizona is around $1,650, chances are that your insurance will cover most of the cost. If your insurance plan comes with an HSA or FSA, even better!

You can get the best insurance coverage in Phoenix, followed by Tucson and Mesa. By that, we mean that you will have the best chances of finding an in-network orthodontist at a convenient location. Furthermore, there is a possibility of counting your invisible braces as a medical expense in some situations, as living in a large city can sometimes make you eligible. However, if you are living in a smaller city, you may want to consider ordering your invisible braces online to minimize the cost.

How to find the best invisible braces in Arizona

Once you are comfortable with the cost of invisible braces and are ready to undergo the treatment, you will want to find the best orthodontist for the job. To do that, you will want to go through the following steps:

  1. Get as many referrals as you can
  2. Research those referrals
  3. Utilize “Doctor Finder” resources
  4. Get a diagnosis from an orthodontist or two
person talking into a makeshift telephone
Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to get information.

Depending on where in Arizona you live, you may have different options when it comes to searching for orthodontists. For example, you can find great information about all of the orthodontists in larger cities (Tucson, Phoenix, Mesa, etc.) online. However, if you happen to live in a smaller city, you may not have the same amount of publicly-available information. Keep this in mind while evaluating your search options. With that in mind, let’s explore the steps, one at a time.

Step 1 – Getting the referrals

If you want to obtain some of the best invisible braces Arizona has to offer, you need to talk to Arizona residents personally. Online searches are great but they can’t convey the personal experience that you can get from word of mouth. Start by talking with your friends, co-workers, classmates, family members, etc. Basically, ask anyone you trust for recommendations.

Referrals are even more important if you are living in a smaller city. Especially the cities that are outside of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Step 2 – Research

This is the most important step. While getting referrals is great, that information does not mean anything to you until you verify it. In other words, to find the best invisible braces in Arizona, you need to visit the best Arizona orthodontists on your own. Sometimes, you may even need to visit another city. It is entirely possible that you live in Phoenix but find a great orthodontist in Tucson. Finding a good orthodontist will make the 4 hours for such a trip worth your while.

Visiting your doctor in person is the last phase of this particular step, however. First, you will want to research your referrals online, through their websites, social media accounts, Better Business Bureau, etc. Doing this will help you narrow your choice to a few orthodontists. After you are satisfied with what you see, hear, and read, you may proceed to visit the offices in person.

Step 3 – “Doctor Finder” resources

It is entirely possible that you may not be able to get any information from your social circle. While that might be somewhat unfortunate, it is not the end of the world. What you can do instead is use popular “Doctor Finder” resources. One of the best that you can use is the doctor locator from the American Association of Orthodontists. This nifty tool will present you with all the orthodontists and doctors in all of the major Arizona cities. The larger the city, the more choices you will have. For example, the doctor finder will show 18 orthodontists near Phoenix, 11 near Tucson, and more than 13 near Mesa.

Alternatively, you may want to get in touch with your insurance provider and search for orthodontists within your preferred provider network. This depends on your dental health plan, however, so you might want to talk with your insurance provider before you start searching.

person using a laptop
You can easily find orthodontists over the internet.

Step 4 – Getting a diagnosis/consultation

Once you have found several orthodontists that you think might be a good match for you, it is time to meet them. Basically, to be able to find the best invisible braces Arizona has to offer, you will want to get at least a consultation with each and every orthodontist on your shortlist. Depending on how many dental professionals are left on your list, you may want to carefully plan travel arrangements. If you want to minimize your expenses, Valley Metro is always a good option. You might want to make sure to utilize it to the maximum.

Once you arrive at the orthodontist’s office, you will be able to see for yourself whether you like the place, the staff, as well as the doctor themself. While talking to your doctor, you will be able to discuss your insurance benefits, explore various payment options, and much more. Most importantly, however, you will be able to get an official diagnosis. While you do not necessarily need to get a diagnosis from each orthodontist you visit, it is recommended you do so. That way, you can see if the diagnosis matches or if there are any other considerations.

You can expect the following from the consultation/diagnosis:

  • Learning the nature of your orthodontic problem
  • Learning the options you have to correct the problem
  • Customized treatment goals
  • An estimate of how long your treatment will take
  • An estimate of the total cost of your treatment

Lastly, your orthodontist will let you know if invisible braces are ideal for your unique situation. One of the qualities of a good orthodontist is that they will not “push” the most expensive option, but the best option. Most of the time, invisible braces will be your best option as they remove much of the hindrances found in the teeth straightening process. Even so, they are not suitable for every single issue.

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