How to prevent white spots on teeth while wearing braces

A dashing and luminous smile has always been one of the most beautiful physical characteristics a person could have. Thus, properly caring for your teeth and gums is of utmost importance. If you underwent the procedure of getting braces to improve the overall appearance of your teeth, it is essential that you learn how to apply appropriate care. During the time you will be wearing your braces,  you should bring dental hygiene to perfection. Due to the increased sensitivity of your teeth during this period, numerous problems can arise, according to dental experts who write for Consumer Opinion Guide. One of the most common discomforts patients can experience are the white spots on their teeth after taking the braces off. So, it is essential to learn how to prevent white spots on teeth while wearing braces. In this article, we are going to provide you with detailed information on how to do so.

two women hugging
A radiant smile and beautiful groomed teeth can enhance your beauty.

What causes white spots on your teeth?

Problems with teeth discoloration are a common botheration that both patients who wear and don’t wear braces often experience. Even if you got your braces done by the best teeth alignment providers, there is no guarantee that you won’t face this issue during the time you wear your braces. Tooth discoloration can be caused by numerous reasons. Many of them are influenced by external factors, but keep in mind that there are also ones that cannot be influenced at all.  Some of the most common reasons for white spots on teeth are:

  • Insufficient dental hygiene – lack of appropriate dental hygiene can cause more problems than just teeth discoloration
  • Acidity – if your natural acidity is high, it can cause problems with your teeth
  • Poor nutrition – exaggerated consumption of food that has high acidity
  • Toothpaste – using the right amount is essential
  • Fluorosis – a condition that damages the tooth enamel
  • Decalcification – loss of calcium can make it difficult to prevent white spots on teeth
  • Loss of minerals – especially calcium deficiency

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Natural remedies which can be used to prevent white spots on teeth

Instead of going through expensive dental procedures for removing white spots, it would be wise to prevent them from ever appearing. Minimal daily care can have many benefits in the long run. Giving attention to your dental health may take just a small amount of your time. Ten minutes per day dedicated to maintaining your oral hygiene can be beneficial to your overall health. Here are the steps you can easily practice daily in the comfort of your own home. Practice every day for the most beneficial results.

Keeping your dental hygiene in order

girl with braces
Teeth in braces require special and more detailed dental care than teeth without braces.

As you may already be aware, any good orthodontist will recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day. A task as simple as this can not only prevent white spots on teeth but can also help you avoid tooth decay, fluorosis, and many other dental problems. And if you are wearing braces, keeping up with this particular daily task is even more necessary. You may face difficulties when trying to brush thoroughly, so it’s very much recommended that you use a special toothbrush designed to use on braces.

It is also highly advisable that you use dental floss and fluoride rinse frequently throughout the day. But remember not to use too much fluoride rinse since too much fluoride can be harmful to the teeth. Professionals suggest that people with braces increase their brushing to three times a day, or simply brush after every meal.

Avoiding acidic food can help the overall health of your teeth

plate of fruit
Highly acidic food like certain kinds of fruit can cause many dental problems.

White spots on the teeth are most commonly caused by the consummation of too much acidic food. Eating or drinking nutriments that are highly acidic can cause not only white spots but also weakening of the teeth in the course of time. The foods which are considered to have a high concentration of acid are soft drinks, red and processed meat, dairy products, acidic fruits such as grapes, plums, grapefruit, blueberries, tomato products, and acidic vegetables like cabbage, corn, mushrooms, and broccoli.

Of course, food is not here to push you into dental anxiety. You should keep in mind that the list of food you are about to read is not a diet recommendation since these foods are highly nourishing and should not be eliminated if not absolutely necessary or recommended by a professional orthodontist.

The ayurvedic practice of oil pulling can benefit your dental hygiene in many ways

coconut oil
Oil pulling is one of the best natural remedies you can use to see how to prevent white spots on teeth.

Using this ancient ayurvedic practice from India is considered to be one of the most efficient ways how to prevent white spots on teeth, whiten the teeth and promote overall dental health. Using this gentle and pleasant way to keep your teeth and gums healthy has many admirers all over the world. To oil pull correctly, you will need coconut oil – preferably cold-pressed organic coconut oil.

Take a teaspoon of coconut oil in the morning before having breakfast or even a glass of water. Gently swirl it around your mouth for twenty minutes for maximum efficiency. Do not cross this time frame since oil pulling won’t be beneficial in that case. What coconut oil does is that it binds all the bacteria in your mouth and removes surface stains. Keep in mind that this is a mild process that cannot help if there already are spots on your teeth and that it is best to use it for prevention only.

Using lemon, turmeric and vinegar can help prevent or remove white spots on teeth

Despite this era of modern dental tech trends, there can still be found simple traditional remedies to keep your dental hygiene flawless. Many of them are right in your own home, in the kitchen to be exact. Lemon, turmeric and vinegar can be extremely beneficial to the health of your teeth. Lemon contains citric acid which is one of the best white spot removal ingredients. By applying a homemade mixture of a little lemon juice and a pinch of salt, you can nourish your gums and teeth. You shouldn’t keep this paste longer than two to three minutes on your teeth. Rinse your mouth with water after.

pieces of lemon can help you to find out how to prevent white spots on teeth
Moderate usage of lemon and salt paste can help you keep your dental hygiene in order.

As for the precious turmeric, you can add this ancient anti-inflammatory spice to the earlier mentioned mixture. By adding it, your mixture will become a bit more powerful, so be careful when using it. Do not surpass the recommended two minutes. On the other hand, it is best to mix vinegar with baking soda. This mixture is strong, so it is best to use it once a week. Try to not overuse any of the recommended home remedies. Extensive usage can lead to teeth weakening and difficulty biting, which is one of the most common warning signs that you need braces if you do not already have them.

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The amount of toothpaste used can prevent white spots on teeth

the right amount of toothpaste can be the way how to prevent white spots on teeth
Be careful with the amount of toothpaste you use since it can both prevent and cause dental problems.

Using the right amount of toothpaste is essential when it comes to teeth preservation. The right amount can prevent dental problems, but an excessive amount can cause problems. It is usually children that have a problem with the amount of toothpaste they are using. They usually forget to rinse well and are thus exposed more to fluoride. Because of that, adults should supervise when their child is brushing. The ideal amount for a child under the age of three should be the size of a grain of rice. For school children, that amount should be the size of a pea. And the ideal amount of toothpaste adults should use is to apply it from one end of the toothbrush to the other.

How to prevent white spots on teeth with the help of a dentist

The first step in your dental care routine should always be to visit the dentist’s office on a regular basis. A simple routine check-up can be beneficial in the long run. A regular routine check is recommended every couple of months. Of course, anyone that is concerned about the health of their teeth and gums should schedule an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible.

woman smiling
Proper dental care can help you prevent many dental problems and maintain the health of your teeth.

The white spots on the teeth are not desirable at all, even if they are not a cause for concern. But people with conditions such as fluorosis or enamel hypoplasia have a greater risk of developing spots or even tooth decay and other dental damage. This is why it is essential that a dentist monitors these conditions. However, if a person notices that the number of white spots on their teeth is increasing or changing size and are causing pain, it is a sign to see their orthodontist. A professional is the only one who can evaluate these symptoms and the condition of the teeth in order to provide a treatment plan.

Enamel micro-abrasion for the teeth

Although you may have followed every piece of advice we recommended, the white spots can still appear due to wearing braces. Although enamel micro-abrasion is more of a last resort procedure, it is worth mentioning in this article due to its popularity. The procedure involves the removal of a small portion of the enamel from the teeth to reduce the visibility of the white spots. Typically, patients tend to undergo the process of professional teeth bleaching. This cosmetic dental procedure can help the teeth look more uniform in color.

Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching

woman smiling
Teeth bleaching is one of the most common dental procedures people use to prevent white spots on teeth.

This procedure is more aesthetic than health-oriented. Nevertheless, it can be a good way to prevent white spots on teeth. Many people nowadays buy home teeth whitening products and kits online. There is also a variety of over-the-counter products such as stripes and paste. However, there are also professional teeth bleaching that a dentist does. This procedure uses stronger whitening solutions which people view as better and longer-lasting. It is usually more expensive than the first option and most importantly, a lot safer.

Dental veneer

This is another procedure that people should seek the help of a professional orthodontist. Dental veneers are thin, protective coverings that a dentist attaches to the surface of a person’s teeth. They act as a protective cover and can also be helpful in effectively hiding any spots or other blemishes. Anyhow, it is of great importance that a professional does the fitting of dental veneers which can make them costly. These and similar procedures are a good reason to have dental insurance prepared. A need for one can arise at any given moment.

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Additional advice

In this article, you have read how to prevent white spots on teeth and the main factors that cause them. However, there are some cases in which there is nothing you can do to prevent them. These cases are most commonly outside factors that you cannot influence, such as genetics. Due to genetics, people might develop dental fluorosis or enamel hypoplasia. The first condition may come due to high levels of acidity in drinking water. The latter most commonly occurs when there are prenatal vitamin deficiencies. In both cases, there is only a solution to doing one of the procedures to eliminate white spots on teeth.

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