7 reasons to hire professional movers

Undergoing a relocation can be a very challenging and stressful experience. No matter whether you are moving across the street or to another country, the moving process is always time-consuming, tedious, and expensive. The latter is one of the main reasons why many people consider conducting a DIY relocation. However, there are many reasons to hire professional movers, including reliability, efficiency, and accountability. The best interstate moving companies can also transform an otherwise strenuous process into a much smoother endeavor. While hiring professional movers might not be for everyone, the reasons for hiring them are quite enticing. This article goes over the most important reasons why you might want to hire a professional moving company for your upcoming relocation.

The main 7 reasons to hire professional movers

There are numerous reasons why one might want to turn to a professional mover to make their relocation easier. But some reasons are simply “more important” than others and are applicable in many more moving scenarios. You will, of course, need to research and compare moving companies to get the best results. But for the most part, you can count on:

  1. Reliability
  2. Experience
  3. Efficiency
  4. Accountability
  5. Cost-effectiveness
  6. Peace of mind
  7. Lower stress
person at a beach
By hiring professional movers, you can relax while they do all the work for you!

Aside from these reasons, the fact that hiring professional movers makes your relocation as hassle-free as possible is very important to note, as well. Your movers can help you with much more than simply carrying your belongings to and from the moving truck. Their planning staff can provide you with an efficient moving plan, one that may even reduce the overall cost of your relocation. Having such assistance is invaluable when planning your long distance moving process, for example, as this relocation type all but requires careful consideration. But even without the planning assistance, you still get to benefit from increased:


Relying on your friends and family to help you relocate is all fine and well, but there is always a chance that their plans will change. If that happens, you will need to create new plans on the fly, meaning that you might need to make compromises. When you hire professional movers, you don’t need to worry about these things. Unless you do not conduct enough research and fall for one of the common moving scams, that is. For the most part, reputable moving companies “live and die” by their reliability. The best-rated companies are extremely reliable and you can count on them to never let you down.

No matter how difficult, challenging, or complex your move might be, professional movers have the skills and experience to handle it. This reliability is, perhaps, the most important reason to hire professional movers.

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While you may think that moving is a job that anyone can do, this is untrue. There is a lot that goes into the relocation process and the more experience the person has, the easier it goes. Professional movers relocate items for a living, meaning that they are unmatched when it comes to experience and knowledge about the moving process. This allows them to quickly adapt to a changing situation and find the best way of handling things, regardless of the difficulties presented.

person solving a rubik cube
Even the most complicated tasks become much easier with enough experience.

Furthermore, working with an experienced mover creates an “aura” of calmness, as they go about their work in a confident way. Most people find the moving process to be extremely stressful due to the fact that there are a lot of unknowns. By hiring professional movers, you can be certain that no matter what happens, they will have an answer for it. And that is really what hiring professionals is all about. You don’t need to think, as you are paying them to do the thinking (and everything else) for you.


Another great reason why you might want to hire a professional mover is the fact that they conduct efficient relocations. For most people, the faster the relocation process is done, the better. The moving process involves numerous segments where efficiency can be very important. For example, protecting and handling bulky items. If you were to undergo this task on your own, without any prior experience or required equipment, it could very well take you an entire day (or several) to complete. Whereas professional movers will be able to handle it in a matter of hours.

When you hire professionals to help you relocate, you are essentially shortening the timeframe of your move. Some moving companies employ sophisticated technology and complex inventory systems, making the whole ordeal even more efficient. Not all movers are the same, of course. When it comes to money-saving tips when hiring movers, doing proper research is the most important part. You want to know that your movers have all that is required to be able to perform their work at peak efficiency.


The main problem with performing a DIY relocation is that you only have yourself to blame if anything goes wrong. Sometimes, events might be outside of your control and your relocation might suffer. Furthermore, by conducting the relocation on your own, you are the one that is solely responsible for the safety of your belongings. This can induce additional stress and can make the whole process much more difficult.

a gavel representing accountability as one of the reasons to hire professional movers
Professional movers are held accountable.

By hiring professional movers, on the other hand, you get to work with someone who is going to be completely accountable for the entire relocation process. It is your movers’ job to relocate your items safely to their intended destination and if anything goes wrong they are the ones that will fix it. Moving companies are regulated by authorities such as the FMCSA and the BBB to some extent. Depending on the size and complexity of your relocation, accountability might even be what is most important for you. But every relocation process benefits from having someone other than yourself that you can hold accountable if any accidents happen.


While it is a fact that performing a DIY relocation might be cheaper than hiring a professional mover, that does not mean that it is more cost-efficient. Most people fail to account for the fact that they will be spending quite a lot of their own (and their friends’) time. Additionally, there’s the cost of rented equipment and packing materials to consider as well.

Woman counting money
Upon closer inspection, hiring movers might not be as expensive as you might have thought.

Professional moving companies usually offer a very cost-efficient way to relocate, even though the price might initially seem quite steep. The fact of the matter is that there is a lot that goes into the relocation process and that it can be very difficult to figure out exactly how much you are “spending” if you do it on your own. This also depends on your income potential. If you are in a high-income position, taking the time off work to conduct a relocation might even come at a financial loss. You always need to consider your situation to get to the most cost-effective way to relocate. Hiring professional movers is usually a good choice from a cost-effectiveness standpoint.

Peace of mind

As far as the reasons to hire professional movers are concerned, perhaps the most important one is the fact that you will have the necessary peace of mind by hiring a professional moving company to help you relocate. If you do your research right, you will also be sure of the quality and customer service that you will get. In other words, by hiring a quality mover you can rest easy.

For most people, the moving process involves a great deal of “overthinking”. But if you work with a professional mover, they do the thinking for you. All you need to do is leave the relocation in their capable hands.

Lower stress

The moving process is one of the more stressful things you can do in life. Even with the help of a professional mover, you can expect stress to rear its ugly head. However, the amount of stress that will be coming your way will be significantly reduced. The fact that you will not have to deal with most of the relocation process is quite significant, after all. The emotional toll that the move will take will be significantly reduced, too. Your movers will help create order from the chaos that the relocation process presents, thus reducing your overall stress level.

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There are many more reasons to hire professional movers than the seven we have presented. For example, you will be able to focus on your job and family while your movers do all the work. The services you can get are also customizable, meaning that you can tailor them to your unique needs. And we did not even touch on the added safety that comes with hiring professional movers. But all of these reasons presume that you’ve hired a good moving company in the first place. To find all the best movers, all you need to do is explore the Consumer Opinion Guide, where we will present you with all the information you need to choose the best solution!

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