Top reasons why you need a home warranty plan

One way to avoid making unnecessary expenses related to home maintenance is to devise a good home warranty plan. There are many financial exigencies that may come with maintaining a home, such as repairs, replacements, and home security. All of these investments can cost thousands of dollars, particularly if your home is old or your appliances are dated. Furthermore, it is really hard to predict when something in your is going to require an urgent repair. Since a malfunctioning home system can significantly lower your quality of life, you need a home warranty plan that will keep you covered in such situations. So, let’s take a close look at all the benefits of a good home warranty plan.

Close up of a stove.
You can rest assured that your appliances will be fixed.

If it happens that you cannot pay off this unexpected repair bill, you could be in a lot of trouble. Instead of having to shell out money on the spot, you are better off reaching out to professional home warranty companies. In this way, you will no longer have to worry about appliances breaking down or home systems failing you in the worst possible moment.

A home warranty plan saves you money

So, if your heating system or a major appliance such as a refrigerator breaks down during the Christmas holidays, finding a skilled professional (esp. in the midst of the holiday season) can cost a lotĀ of money. You will have to cover not only the basic expenses but also the handyman’s services and the costs of replacing the malfunctioning part. It may even happen that you have to install or buy an entirely new system or appliance.

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You will save a lot of money with a home warranty plan.

Take refrigerators as an example. If the motor stops working, you may have to pay up as much as $2,000 to replace it. Replacing a LED TV’s screen ranges from $1500 to $3000. HVAC systems may cost around $1000 just to cover the regular maintenance checkup. If you no longer have the manufacturer’s warranty, you need a home warranty plan to account for these expenses.

You will run the risk of hiring an unskilled technician

When something breaks down, most people do not even have a clue who to call to fix it. There are typically too many technicians out there, and choosing the right one can be tricky. You might be misled to hire a plumber who has good reviews and does not charge a lot to come over. However, your appliance may break down again due to unskilled repair or you mishandling it after the repair.

A contractor installing new windows.
You need a home warranty to gain access to certified technicians.

The good news is that a home warranty allows you to skip the searching part, and this is where Consumer Opinion Guide can help you out. You will have access to thousands of certified technicians with your home warranty plan. In this way, you will be sure that you have hired someone with enough experience to fix the problem. What’s more, the technician will take the time to explain to you and your family members what you have to do to prevent the problem from appearing again, which is something handymen may be unwilling to do.

You won’t have to call technicians directly

As we mentioned, you avoid the risk of hiring someone who is unskilled when you have a home warranty. In addition, you are also gaining access to around 40,000 certified handymen. This means that you won’t waste valuable time calling up different technicians that may not have the time to deal with the repair. Since every second counts when some vital part of your home is in disrepair, a home warranty may be a legitimate life savior.

All that you are required to pay for is the service call and talk to the customer service. They will help you fix an appointment with someone who can come over even at short notice. In this way, you can rest assured that you have direct access to someone who will attend to your problem almost immediately.

You need a home warranty plan to avoid hidden fees

It may happen that a technician charges more for their services than what they actually cost. Unfortunately, extra charges are something you cannot detect as a layman. Even if it is a small hidden service fee, not knowing you are being charged over the actual price is extremely inconvenient. However, once you switch to a home warranty plan, you will never have to worry about this happening ever again.

Add value to your home

Even if you do not plan to sell your home in the near future, it is useful to think ahead. A well-functioning home is a great marketing strategy that will surely attract potential homebuyers. let’s face it. Nobody wants to deal with rundown or inadequately fixed appliances. You will be able to confidently claim that everything in the house has been well taken care of by certified technicians.

Add value to your home with the help of top home warranty companies.

In addition, if you do plan to move to a new home, you can rely on your home warranty and fix everything that might not be working properly at the moment. This will save you a whole lot of money and allow you to invest them in other home renovation projects. In this way, you will be able to raise the value of your home in more ways than one.

A home warranty equals a secure home

It is not only the financial aspect that makes a home warranty so indispensable for a homeowner. Standard home insurance policies do cover unexpected damages your home may be subject to. However, they only include coverage for damages caused by natural disasters or break-ins.

On the other hand, with a home warranty, you have something to fall back on if your appliances fail you due to day-to-day wear and tear. It can be extremely difficult to lead a normal life when something as crucial as your piping or heating does not function properly. Hence, if you do not want to put yourself in a difficult or even dangerous situation, you need a home warranty plan.

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