Cooking vs meal delivery – which pays off more?

According to many professionals and experts, cooking your own food and eating at home is a much better way to stay healthy and fit. However, as much as we would like to, the matter isn’t as simple as that. The dilemma of opting for cooking vs meal delivery is the one every person will have at a certain point in their lives. Some people order food every few days, while others prefer to prioritize home-cooked meals. But how can you tell whether cooking will pay off more than frequent meal deliveries? At Consumer Opinion Guide, we like to compare different solutions that can result in an elevated lifestyle. If you are still confused about which of these two possibilities to opt for, stick around to learn more.

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Do you believe that a home-cooked meal is the better alternative?

Cooking vs meal delivery – which pays off money-wise?

You can’t deny that getting a fresh meal delivered to your front door saves you from a lot of trouble. Funny enough, it can also get you into a lot of trouble financially speaking. Ordering food from different meal delivery services isn’t cheap. Of course, there are different meal delivery services that you can explore, all of which will come with their own prices. So while you might be able to find a cheaper option, it’s still going to cost you plenty of money. Bear in mind that ordering food every once in a while won’t impact your finances if they are somewhat stable. It’s regular meal delivery that could have a catastrophic effect on your finances if you aren’t careful.

On the other hand, buying your groceries for the week will save you a lot of money in the long run. You can cook a lot of different meals from just one trip to the grocery store. With that one investment, your entire family will be able to eat throughout the entire week. The verdict is in. If you are currently trying to save money for movers, a new car, or a long-wanted trip, you will want to opt for home-cooked meals instead of meal delivery services. But wait – that’s just one side of the coin.

Cooking vs meal delivery – which pays off time-wise?

When deciding whether to rely on meal delivery services instead of home-cooked meals, one has to think about all the pros and cons of this prospect. With time being the most valuable resource that we have, we can’t forget to factor it into the decision-making process. Cooking is a process that can oftentimes take a lot of your time. Of course, everything depends on the type of food you find tastiest and that you prepare the most. If you are eating a lot of mac and cheese and scrambled eggs, then you are probably not spending too much of your time in the kitchen. However, if you like to prepare steaks, pies, and all types of delicacies, then you can brag about your cooking skills. In that situation, you know how long it takes to create a mouth-watering dish.

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Do you find the time spent in the kitchen a waste? Then you have your answer.

On the other hand, with meal delivery services, you won’t have to spend any time in the kitchen. Whether you are a busy mom, a responsible business owner, or simply someone who enjoys spending his/her time on different hobbies, you are certainly going to appreciate every extra bit of time that you get. For that reason, you have to think about the time that’s invested into cooking vs meal delivery. It’s probably going to be a major deciding factor the next time you start craving a special dish.

What about the effects on your health?

After all, both time and money mean nothing if you lose your health. While cooking is the better option for your finances and meal delivery is a bigger time-saver, the effects of the two on your health aren’t so clear-cut. The answer to this question depends on too many variables, particularities, and circumstances. For example, which meals do you prepare when you cook at home? If you are focusing on pasta, pizza, and other caloric dishes, then you can probably get a healthier meal by ordering delivery. At the same time, if you are always eating right while at home and you order junk food, then it’s quite obvious that you should continue down the home-cooked meals path.

Disclaimer: ordering junk food every once in a while isn’t going to have terrible effects on your health. In fact, giving yourself a treat from time to time can only have great effects on your mental health. Of course, that’s only the case if what you are craving is junk food.

A person holding a dish with berries.
As long as you make the right choices, meal delivery can be a healthy way of eating.

The good news is that, nowadays, there are many meal delivery services that offer quite healthy options. So if you are someone who prefers to eat healthily and watches how many calories they consume, you would be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can do so even with food that you don’t have to prepare yourself. So the opinion of our company is pretty clear – you can be healthy with both cooking and meal delivery.

Which wins out?

If you have stayed with us up until now, then you can probably conclude that the decision of whether to opt for cooking vs meal delivery pretty much depends on your situation. If you are trying to save some money for the time being, then you are probably not going to order food as much. On the other hand, if money isn’t an issue and you want to save your time, then you are going to opt for meal delivery. Either way, just try to make the best and healthiest food decisions for yourself. And if you do slip up, remember – you are only human.

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