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If you’re moving to or from Alaska, you may be looking for reliable long distance movers to help you with the transition. The process of moving can be challenging, especially when it involves crossing state lines. But with the help of experienced Alaska long distance movers, you can rest easy knowing that your move is in good hands. Before you make the final decision on moving to, from, or within Alaska, however, you may want to know a few details about Alaska relocations, as well as about finding the right long distance moving company in this state. Consumer Opinion Guide is here to provide you with all the necessary information!

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Welcome to Alaska!

How many people are moving to Alaska?

According to most of the reliable long distance moving companies, almost 45,000 people chose to migrate to the state in 2022. This is a large increase from the state’s usual migration numbers of around 38,000. The regions that experienced the largest influx of residents include the Kenai Peninsula and Matanuska-Susitna boroughs, while Fairbanks North Star Borough actually experienced a decline in the number of residents. Furthermore, Anchorage itself suffered a small population loss (0.2%).

While many people do choose to relocate to Alaska in 2023, even more people are trying to find a better life somewhere else. The fact of the matter is that Alaska is one of the states that usually have a negative net migration. In most states, this would happen due to an unfavorable job market. In Alaska, however, the rate of job openings is almost twice that of the national average. Even so, many people choose to leave Alaska for greener pastures.

Year-by-year statistics

During the 2021-2022 period, Alaska gained 44,506 new arrivals. However, you may want to take this number with a grain of salt, so to speak, as this was the largest migration in nearly a decade. Only a year before that, the number of people moving to Alaska was 38,638. According to the Alaska migration data, you can expect anywhere from 37,500 to 51,069 people to migrate to Alaska any given year. Moreover, COVID-19 had a large impact on the relocation numbers, as we are seeing a slow increase in relocations as compared to the previous years.

While most of these migrants will use the services of one of the long distance moving companies Alaska has to offer, a large number of relocations are DIY relocations. If you are considering the latter, make sure to understand everything you need for a successful DIY move. Also, consider all the benefits of hiring an experienced moving company in Alaska, weigh pros and cons, and make an informed decision.

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Around 45,000 people choose to make Alaska their new home in any given year.

While it is impossible to predict exactly how many people will choose to call Alaska their new home in the following years, the current trend indicates that there is some pent-up demand for moves to Alaska.

Who is moving to Alaska, and where are they coming from?

Most of the people who choose to migrate to Alaska come from Texas (4,332). North Carolina and California account for most of the other migrations, with 2,557 and 2,547 people moving to Alaska, respectively. Other notable state relocations include:

  • Florida – 2,473 relocations
  • Virginia – 2,216
  • Idaho – 1,644
  • Washington – 1,435
  • Kentucky – 1,017

Do note that these numbers are valid up to 2022. The moving trends in 2023 may yet change, and it is impossible to predict the exact number of relocations until the next year.

How many people move out of Alaska each year?

The highest outbound migration in Alaska was recorded during the 2012-2013 period, with 52,492 outbound relocations. The number of relocations declined to 48,615 the next year and to 46,615 the year after that. The lowest number of relocations was recorded in the 2020-2021 period, where there were only 40,489 outbound relocations. However, according to recent data from the Alaska long distance movers, there were almost 47,000 relocations in the 2021-2022 period.

On average, it is safe to assume that around 46,000 people move out of Alaska each year. There are variations, of course, and the exact number will always depend on numerous socioeconomic factors.

Where are people from Alaska moving to the most?

According to the data from numerous Alaska long distance movers, most Alaska migrants chose California as their new place of living. Each year, around 5,000 people choose to relocate from Alaska to California, and this destination accounts for roughly 10% of all Alaska relocations.

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Most Alaskans choose to relocate to California.

Florida is #2 on the list, with almost identical relocation numbers. The #3 spot goes to Texas, with around 9% of migrants choosing the Lone Star State as their new home.

Other popular states include:

  • Washington – 8.5% of relocations
  • Nevada – 5.7%
  • Oregon – 4.1%
  • North Carolina – 3.1%
  • Arizona – 3.1%
  • Tennessee – 3%
  • Georgia – 2.7%

The least likely state that Alaska residents relocate to is Oklahoma, with only around 0.4% of relocations.

The cost of living in Alaska

Before you hire Alaska long distance movers and relocate to the state, you might want to carefully examine the cost of living in Alaska. The exact difference in cost will, of course, be dependent on the state you are coming from. Knowing how Alaska compares with the national average, however, can be extremely beneficial when deciding whether to move to or out of Alaska. Of course, you will also want to have unexpected and hidden costs of moving in mind.  Here is how the cost of living in Alaska compares to the national average:

  • Housing costs – 18% higher than the national average
  • Monthly utilities – 36% higher
  • Healthcare – 49% higher
  • Transportation – 19% higher
  • Goods and services – 30% higher
  • Food – 43% higher

Furthermore, the city you choose to live in will also contribute to the overall cost of living. For example, living in the city of Fairbanks, AK, will cost you 5% less than the state average, whereas living in Unalaska, AK, will cost 6% more than the state average. Aside from Fairbanks, Anchorage is also a great place to live in, as it features 2% lower costs of living than the state average.

How to find the best long distance movers in Alaska?

Finding the best long distance movers Alaska has to offer can be a somewhat challenging and time-consuming task. Normally, you would need to find all the moving companies that have the capability of performing a long distance relocation first, then research and compare them with one another. Luckily, you don’t have to do that. All you need to do is visit the Consumer Opinion Guide and get all the information in a blink of an eye! We can provide you with customer reviews, in-depth moving company comparisons, and all sorts of other information you may require. If you want to find the best Alaska long distance movers in the easiest and most efficient way possible, Consumer Opinion Guide is your go-to resource!