How to secure your backyard from intruders

If you have the opportunity to live in a home that has a backyard, one of your highest priorities is to secure your backyard from intruders. You can do this in a variety of ways but the best thing you can do is to get one of the best home security service plans and think about it no more. But if you want to really get into it, we have several ways how you can accomplish the same. It may require some work but your backyard will be more secure than ever! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about protecting your backyard.

Best ways to secure your backyard from intruders

Improving your backyard security is an ongoing process. But if you are still starting out, here are some of the best ways in which you can improve it:

  • Install a home security system
  • Get a dog
  • Put up a few fake signs
  • Install outdoor security cameras
  • Make a fence
  • Install motion sensor lighting
  • Work on your landscaping
  • Secure your shed
word "security" on a screen
There are a lot of options when it comes to improving the security of your backyard.

Furthermore, you may want to look into improving your neighborhood safety, as well. Try to get in touch with like-minded neighbors and consider starting a neighborhood watch. Improving the security of your own home is all well and great but you should not neglect the safety of your neighborhood either. The more eyes you have watching for potential security concerns, the better. You may also want to get in touch with your local law enforcement department and take a look at the crime statistics of the area. That will allow you to focus on making the improvements that will matter the most. But if you only want to improve your backyard’s security, here’s how you can do just that.

Installing a home security system is a logical first step

A home security system is, by far, one of the best means of protection you can have. The cost of installing a new home security system can be overwhelming at times, though, and not everyone can afford one. That being said, it is still in your best interest to try and install one, even if you have to do it on your own. This will provide you with a comprehensive solution to all your security concerns. And if you are leaving your home unattended for long periods of time, you may also want to consider getting a monitoring service. Yes, this might be an additional expenditure but the peace of mind that you get is usually more than worth it.

But the best feature of a home security system is that you are protected even when you sleep. Without an alarm of any kind, you can easily sleep through a burglar invasion. All the other security measures will act as deterrents but only a proper home security system will help you if a burglar decides to invade your home.

A dog in the backyard will deter most burglars

a dog, representing how to secure your backyard from intruders
A dog in the backyard is an amazing security improvement.

If your backyard is large enough, having a dog in it can serve as a home security system on its own. Dogs are amazing at sensing any potential danger and intrusions and their bark will alert you to anyone that is considering invading your property. All in all, getting a dog is one of the best ways to improve your home security. Most burglars will avoid any homes that feature a dog, as dogs can be incredibly difficult to deal with if you are a burglar.

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Fake signs can be excellent deterrents

Another way to secure your backyard from intruders with minimal investment is to simply put up fake signs. You can put a “beware of the dog” sign or a “protected by a CCTV security system sign”. Placing a couple of fake signs is the absolute best way to burglar proof your home on a budget. Do note, however, that if a burglar calls your bluff, the signs themselves are practically worthless. For best results, you will want to mix in some real security to go along with your fake signs.

Outdoor security cameras will enhance the backyard’s security

two outdoor security cameras
Even a few security cameras can make a huge difference.

Outdoor security cameras are known to be one of the cheapest security measures that you can install in your backyard. These days, you can find an outdoor CCTV camera for as low as $5. Of course, there are many different types of home security cameras that you can choose from, depending on your budget. For best results, you will want to place a few cameras in a prominent, visible, position. These will serve as deterrents while other, hidden, cameras can provide you with additional information. The fact of the matter is that a burglar that really wants to get inside your home might be able to find a way to do so. Having good footage of the burglary will help you find the one responsible and potentially get your stuff back.

And if you want to invest a bit more, you can get security cameras that have motion-sensing capabilities, WiFi connectivity, and the capability to send an alarm to one of your devices. And if you did not invest in outdoor lighting, you may also want to consider getting a security camera that has a night vision capability.

A tall fence is essential

One of the most important security features for any backyard is a tall fence. If you don’t already have one, installing it should be your first priority. The fence will serve two purposes: deterrence and making it harder to break into your backyard. And even if a burglar manages to get around the fence, doing so while carrying heavy stolen items might be all but impossible. It will make a lot more noise, at the very least.

There are numerous options when it comes to fencing, including wooden fences, electric fences, chain link fences, razor ripper coil fences, brick wall fences, vinyl fences, etc. You can even utilize shrubbery as your fencing but you will want to get a thorny variant if you are doing so. A good fence is also an excellent way to improve the privacy of your home, as well. There are numerous security upgrades that you can apply to your fences, such as commercial fence spikes, timber trellises, and anti-climb paint. If you are looking for a single upgrade to your backyard security, a tall fence should be your first option.

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Motion sensor lighting

motion sensor light and a camera as one of the best ways to secure your backyard from intruders
Combine lighting and cameras for the best results.

While you can definitely “light up” the entire backyard all the time, this is quite power-inefficient. The best way to combine efficiency with security is to install motion sensor lights. They will only activate when someone steps within the sensor range, making it extremely hard for someone to step in while retaining energy efficiency at other times. These lights can also make it so your security cameras get a better picture of the intruder, provided you position them correctly. The best place to install motion sensor lighting is behind the security camera. You still want to cover the entire backyard with lighting but having a few dedicated lights for the camera is always a good idea.

Landscaping to secure your backyard from intruders

Any bushes and trees present in your backyard will make it easier for burglars to sneak around. While you might not want to remove all the greenery from the backyard, what you want to do is trim it so it does not provide ample cover for intruders. Another thing that you can do is place thorny plants all around the backyard, as they will present burglars with additional difficulties.

The best way to approach backyard landscaping is to put yourself in the role of a potential burglar. Take some time to see whether there are any landscaping elements that you can use to your advantage when sneaking inside the backyard. You might want to include the entire family in this exercise, as someone can identify a creative way of using the shrubbery. After you identify the problematic spots, you can then work on correcting them.

If you have a shed in your backyard, secure it

If your backyard features a shed, you will want to make sure that it is well-secured. Your shed will most likely be a high-priority target for potential burglars, after all. You may want to consider installing a deadbolt lock, securing door hinges, getting a security bar for the windows, installing an additional security camera, etc. If your shed happens to be lightweight, you may also want to anchor it to the ground. All of your other security measures will be for naught if the burglars can simply lift the shed off the ground, after all. A well-secured shed may help secure your backyard from intruders on its own if it looks like a heavily-guarded fortress. It will show everyone that you are taking the security of your backyard very seriously.

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