What are the hazards of mental self-treatment?

Mental health is as important as physical health. This is why it is essential to get educated on this subject as much as possible. If you have used the internet to check your symptoms or find a cure for your problems, you are not alone. Many people do this, but it is not a good approach. You can give yourself inaccurate diagnoses that can harm your mental and physical health. You are not a doctor, and googling your symptoms is not a solution to your problems, especially when online therapy is accessible to anyone. There are many advantages of online counseling, and you should look into it before you decide to self-treat. Moreover, to show you how bad this can be for you, we will list a few hazards of mental self-treatment.

What is self-treatment?

a man laying down and thinking about the hazards of mental self-treatment
There are many hazards of mental self-treatment, so avoid doing this

Let’s start by explaining what self-treatment means. Self-treatment is when a person decides to start taking herbs or remedies on their initiative, without the advice of a medical expert. While self-treatment in some cases can be acceptable, like with minor injuries and illnesses, this is not recommended for more severe issues.

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Mental self-treatment applies to any mental condition that a person may treat without having a professional’s opinion. Self-treatment of physical and mental illnesses can be dangerous and have enormous consequences. People tend to self-diagnose themselves with all kinds of mental health conditions and end up self-medicating. Most of the time, they give themselves incorrect diagnoses, which leads them to choose the wrong therapy and medications that are not suited for their actual condition.

Using substances without consulting a healthcare professional can worsen your condition or cause new conditions and disorders. On top of that, it can create an addiction to substances. These are all the hazards of mental self-treatment you must be aware of. Instead of diagnosing yourself and self-medicating, you should look up CBT online therapy companies and seek help from a professional.

Why would someone decide to self-medicate?

There are many reasons why someone chooses self-treatment instead of seeking help from a healthcare professional. The number one reason is financing. Therapy is expensive, but your costs can be partially or entirely covered if you have good insurance. The cost of the therapy depends on the severity of the case and the treatment that one is prescribed.

You need to include medications and doctor visits in the cost of therapy, which can add up. This is why many people who do not know there are ways to get financial help to decide to take the route of self-treatment. However, today you can easily find affordable online counseling therefore, the cost of the therapy shouldn’t be an excuse for opting for self-treatment.

Another reason is that many people do not feel comfortable going to a healthcare professional. Some are embarrassed to be seen by their peers in such a setting, while others do not feel comfortable sharing their thoughts in person with a healthcare professional. If you do not feel comfortable going to a professional in person, you can look for the best online mental health counseling. You can have a conversation with a professional from the comfort of your home. This allows a person to be more relaxed and open up easily.

There is a possibility of missing some physical symptoms when opting for self-treatment

Sometimes there are physical causes for certain mental issues. Often, depression is correlated with physical pain. Since many people don’t know this, they don’t consider that a physical issue can be an underlying cause for your symptoms. There are many different types of depression. This is why going to a professional can help you determine the cause and which type of depression needs to be treated. This can be the case with some other mental health issues. Only a professional can help you find the cause of your problem.

Delaying the treatment can be dangerous

a man and a woman sitting and talking about the hazards of mental self-treatment
Misdiagnosing and delaying the treatment can worsen your condition

Self-diagnosing is dangerous because you can completely misunderstand your symptoms and give yourself a completely wrong diagnosis. This is often followed by a self-designed treatment plan. Or in some cases, there could be no treatment plan at all. People may think they are just overreacting and need to relax and take it slowly. This can become a complex issue. You are delaying your treatment by not going to a professional that can give you a proper diagnosis and prescribe the therapy. The more you delay your treatment, the bigger the problem becomes. Like with any physical illness, the sooner you treat it, the better and faster the road to recovery.

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Ignoring certain symptoms leads to improper diagnosing

Not everyone can accept that they have specific symptoms. When people are uncomfortable with some of the symptoms they experience, they tend to minimize them, deny them or even ignore them. For some people, admitting that they have dark thoughts and are depressed, anxious, and lethargic is easier than admitting that they are lashing out and being manipulative toward the people they live with, their friends, and their family.

Another one of the hazards of self-treatment is that a person may be unaware of certain symptoms. For example, someone with anger issues doesn’t see that as a problem. For them having compulsive behavior is not abnormal. The same goes for hallucinations. Often people who have them don’t realize that they are not real.

In cases when people are not comfortable accepting that they have some symptoms, they tend to deny them, leading to improper diagnosis. It is hard to be objective with yourself, which is necessary to have the proper diagnosis to help you heal. This is why going to a professional and enrolling in problem-solving therapy is essential.

Worsening of the condition is one of the hazards of mental self-treatment

a man in destress covering his face with hands
One of the hazards of mental self-treatment is that your condition can get worse without the proper diagnosis and treatment plan

To make your condition better, you need to have the proper therapy. This is, however, not possible if you have a wrong diagnosis. By taking improper meds, you can worsen your condition. On top of that, some other symptoms may appear as a side effect of the meds you are taking. For example, by taking meds to self-treat paranoia, you can experience psychosis, tremors, and hallucinations.

This is why self-treatment is not recommended. It can worsen your condition and even put your life at risk. Instead, it is better to seek professional help. Many people that are dealing with anxiety avoid going to a healthcare professional, thinking that taking certain meds can solve the issue. This is wrong. It is better to understand what causes your anxiety. This can be possible through cognitive-behavioral therapy. Recognizing what thought patterns affect your behavior will help you deal with anxiety better. Look for the best online CBT therapy for anxiety and talk with a licensed therapist.

Possible side effects

Self-treatment is not a good idea if you have been suffering from anxiety, for instance. Depending on the nature of your anxiety disorder, you will need a specific type of therapy. Not every therapy is suited for every person. Moreover, if you decide to take meds to treat your anxiety, you should know that there are many pros and cons of taking anxiety medication. When medication is prescribed by a healthcare professional, they make sure to explain the possible side effects.

Some side effects disappear after a certain period of time since your body gets used to the medication. However, side effects can sometimes last for a long time. If this happens, you must go to the doctor and change your treatment. They will know exactly what to give you and how to approach this issue. On the other side, if you are doing this on your own, you will not know how to deal with this properly. Moreover, if you have a particular health condition, there are certain medications that you cannot use. Since you are not a professional, you will not know which drugs to avoid using.

Stopping the treatment abruptly can be dangerous

pills on a green surface
Stopping your treatment abruptly can be very dangerous

Every medication has withdrawal symptoms. Some are easy to handle, while others are very complicated to cope with. People who choose to self-medicate often abruptly stop taking the medication. It may be because they didn’t see any improvement or for any other reason. This can be very dangerous. Getting off meds without professional supervision can be fatal.

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The biggest of all hazards of mental self-treatment – it can be dangerous

Struggling with mental issues is not easy; you shouldn’t go through that alone. You need the help of a professional with the experience and knowledge to help you heal. There are many hazards of mental self-treatment. You can worsen your condition, get addicted to medication, misdiagnose yourself, and so on. Not only can you harm yourself, but you can become aggressive toward people around you. You never know how you will react to specific meds. Therefore, you shouldn’t try to self-medicate. Instead, look for a licensed professional.

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