Top home security trends in 2022

Managing your home security system is an ongoing process. Every year brings new, shiny, trends that a savvy homeowner might want to pay attention to. Figuring out best buy home security systems is all about knowledge, after all. With this in mind, it certainly pays off to keep an eye out for the top home security trends in 2022. From IoT to high-speed connectivity, there is a lot to talk about. Let’s get right into it!

10 top home security trends in 2022

The home security system industry is ever-evolving. What started with hardwired, simple, sensors, is now an industry full of wireless gadgets and devices, all carefully crafted to maximize the security of your home and provide ultimate convenience. There are new trends emerging every year. Here are the most notable ones for the year 2022:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Home automation
  • Voice-controlled smart home systems
  • Focus on mobile technologies
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Predictive data analytics
  • Remote-controlled home security systems
  • Cloud-based systems
  • Subscription-based models
  • Very high-speed connectivity
Artificial intelligence is the #1 top home security trend in 2022!

As you can see, quite a bit is changing in the industry. The most notable change is the shift to mobile technologies (more on this soon), and cloud-based systems. But each trend deserves further investigation, as they all have the potential to streamline or change home security as we know it.

Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the most talked-about trends in the industry is the Internet of Things. The reason for this is the fact that this trend lays the fundamental groundwork for future home security systems. But what does this actually mean?

IoT is, basically, a system of sensors, devices, and other gadgets that work exceptionally well together. The power of the internet allows them all to be connected in a seamless way, as they work to gather information, analyze it, and upload it to the internet. IoT is all about device integration, in fact. Throughout the years, customers were complaining about not being able to use their smart devices with their security system and IoT is the answer to that problem. In future years, we predict cross-platform integration to be the new norm.

Home automation

The concept of a “Smart home” is not a new one. But in recent years, smart homes gained popularity and more and more people are driving the demand for them as they are considering the benefits of investing in home security that smart homes provide. This means that the security systems for those homes need to “follow suit”. In 2022, you can expect automatic lock/unlock function on many more doors, automated open door/window alerts, and much more. What was once considered to be science fiction is soon going to be a reality.

Home automation is not a new concept, however. But the possibilities that today’s technology offers are simply staggering. Your home security system is soon going to be able to adjust itself according to your needs and preferences, with little to no input from your part. That is what home automation is all about.

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Voice-controlled smart home systems

This is not exactly a new trend, but one that slowly rises in prominence as years go by. According to Statista, the shipments of smart home speakers are likely going to surpass 200 million units in 2022. This volume means that the companies that design security systems are going to deliver more and more voice-control functionalities to home security. While it is difficult to predict what those functionalities might be, it is certain that a very interesting time is ahead of us.

Voice control is one of the more prominent trends in 2022.

Until 2022, voice control was little more than a gimmick. It was not sophisticated enough to warrant a full overhaul of security systems. But all of that is about to change. With COVID-19 still fresh in people’s minds, the ability to control your home security system without touching anything is even more enticing. If nothing else, you can trust that large manufacturers are going to capitalize on this fact.

 The focus on mobile technologies is one of the main top home security trends in 2022

Almost everyone has a smartphone in 2022. This simple fact drives home security system designers to shift their designs toward mobile phones. However, there are still some “kinks” to iron out. The main issue is the fact that smartphones provide a larger security threat than laptops and desktops. It is much easier to steal someone’s phone than it is to steal a desktop, after all. The second issue is that there are so many different types of home security systems to account for. Making them all compatible with mobile phones is an ongoing process.

However, the fact remains that people use their smartphones almost reverently. This means that the industry needs to account for that fact and provide the customers with the ability to integrate their home security systems with their phones. Being able to manage and operate your system from your phone is a significant quality of life improvement, even if it comes with a few more security risks.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, as a term, has been around since 1956. You’ve most likely at least watched some movies or shows that represented AI in all sorts of ways. Today, artificial intelligence is extremely prominent in the home security business and is used in both the systems themselves and to assist with monitoring.

The reason why many companies are choosing to include AI in their security systems is the fact that artificial intelligence significantly cuts down the response times and false alarms. It also automates the whole reporting process, further enhancing overall security. AI has the potential to streamline much of what a standard home security system does, provided it is integrated correctly. The issue is that AI technology is not yet “there”. But, according to SIA (Security Industry Association) “Artificial intelligence is resoundingly the dominant Security Megatrend for 2021” Pierre Trapanese, chair of the SIA Board of Directors.

Fast forward to 2022, and the trend has gained even more popularity. Home security systems all across the world are integrating AI, enhancing their customization, efficiency, and automation. Artificial intelligence is the #1 trend of today.

Predictive data analytics

Another very prominent trend, predictive data analytics (PDA) is shaping up to be one of the most important top home security trends in 2022. PDA means that home security devices are capable of using visual recognition on their own, identifying/reading license plates, counting the number of people, etc. This capability enhances alarm triggers in a significant way and allows the devices to block access to certain areas of the home, depending on the visual cues.

modern security camera
Modern cameras are equipped with sophisticated analytical functions.

The systems themselves utilize advanced video analytics software to make this happen. In combination with artificial intelligence, this has the potential to completely change the way we use our home security systems. There are many different types of home security cameras that utilize this combination, to great effect, and people are starting to realize their value. It is definitely one of the trends to keep a close eye on.

Remote-controlled home security systems

Another “standard” trend, remote-controlled security systems are always popular and it is no different in 2022. Being able to remotely verify whether your home or office is locked and secure is never going to be out of fashion. That being said, you can expect numerous new features to arrive in 2022, offering even more capabilities and conveniences.

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Cloud-based systems

Cloud-based systems are slowly, but surely, rising to greater prominence as each year passes. The ability to store extremely large videos in the cloud enables homeowners to install systems that offer greater visual clarity and not worry about storage space. Furthermore, cloud-based home security systems offer remote access to video footage, both by the homeowners and the monitoring company. This also means that it is much harder to steal or view your footage, as criminals can’t access and delete it even if they do break into your home.

Subscription-based models as one of the top home security trends in 2022

person signing a home security contract
Lengthy contracts are soon to be a thing of the past!

Traditionally, home security companies required their clients to sign long-term contracts. Homeowners had to sign 12-36 month contracts, committing them to the home security provider for that period of time. In 2022, however, more and more companies are realizing the fact that no one likes these contracts (aside from the companies who insist on them, of course). That is why one of the top home security trends in 2022 is subscription-based business models. They offer much greater freedom to the customers, as they can be canceled at any time. Don’t like how your security company’s treating you? Cancel the subscription and get yourself a new one!

Subscription-based models are exploding in all industries. While the home security system industry was initially slow to catch up, we predict that to change in 2022.

Very high-speed connectivity

Lastly, we have a very interesting emerging trend. The latest Wi-FI 6 standard allows exceptionally high connectivity speeds, with limits that are seemingly unreachable. What makes this standard so good is the fact that its main feature is the ability to work simultaneously with numerous devices. With more and more homes featuring smart devices, this is something that we believe is going to become more and more important as time passes.

Other top home security trends in 2022 include Cybersecurity, Supply Chain Assurance, Workforce Development, Increased Interoperability, Security as Proptech, and Expanded Intelligence Monitoring. The top home security companies are slowly integrating all these trends into their business models. If you like to know which companies are deserving of your time and money, make sure to explore the Consumer Opinion Guide, where we provide you with all the information you need to make the best decisions!

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