Do Mental Health Issues Differ Among Introverts and Extroverts?

Everyone can have mental health issues, be they introverts or extroverts. Neither disposition is immune to various mental ailments but both handle them differently. Therefore, it is important to understand exactly how mental health issues differ among introverts and extroverts to be able to find the best solution. There are some solutions that are unique, such as the best online therapy for depression, but both groups will want to focus on what helps them the most. In this article, we will explain the difference between introverts and extroverts when it comes to mental health issues, as well as how to foster positive mental health for both groups.

Who are introverts and extroverts?

Most people believe that introverts are shy while extroverts are open. While this might be the case in some situations, it is a huge generalization that is simply not true. Introverts love their time alone while extroverts thrive in social situations. There is a third group – ambiverts – that falls somewhere in between the two.

person thinking about how mental health issues differ among introverts and extroverts
Both introverts and extroverts can succumb to mental health issues.

Because introverts recharge their proverbial batteries by being alone and extroverts do the same by being around others, each group has different mental health needs. Even so, both introverts and extroverts may end up attending one of the best online marriage and family therapy programs due to not being able to handle their mental health properly. Each group handles mental health issues differently, as well. Understanding where the issues come from is a huge part of seeking proper treatment.

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Introverts and mental health issues

As mentioned previously, introverts prefer to spend their time on their own. Therefore, they prioritize being alone over spending time with others. When an introvert is not given enough time to “recharge” their mental health inevitably suffers. The way in which mental health issues differ among introverts and extroverts is closely tied to how much time they are spending doing something that is not in their nature.

Due to the social structure of the world, mental health issues are more common among introverts. They have to go to school, work, and other social events, after all. An introvert who finds themself without enough time to be alone may often have to resort to seeking help from one of the top online therapy websites, for example. Introverts tend to feel things more deeply and are therefore susceptible to a range of mental health issues that extroverts might be immune to.

an introverted person in a group of people
Introverts commonly develop mental health issues when they are forced into too many social interactions.

Extroverts and mental health issues

Maintaining good mental health for extroverts is all about spending most of their time in a social setting. Therefore, if an extrovert finds themselves suddenly isolated, they may easily develop a mental health issue. This was commonly observed during the COVID-19 pandemic, where the pandemic created a mental health crisis nationwide. More than 50% of the people in the U.S. are extroverts, after all, and they got hit the hardest. Luckily, most were able to attend online CBT treatment courses and manage their issues but many simply had to struggle with their problems. Even without the pandemic, every time an extrovert does not get the required level of social interaction they tend to develop mental health issues over time.

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How to foster positive mental health for both introverts and extroverts

Due to the fact that mental health issues differ among introverts and extroverts, both groups have their unique approach to fostering positive mental health. Most people, however, simply choose to find the best mental health therapy (e.g. best online DBT therapy), which is a perfectly good approach. However, understanding the unique needs of your group can augment the therapy and produce much better results.

Fostering positive mental health for introverts

The most important thing that introvert needs to do is balance their time alone with their other obligations. Furthermore, they need to incorporate daily self-care practices (mindfulness, yoga, deep muscle relaxation, etc.). Since introverts, like everyone else, do require some level of social interaction, it is important to find the right type of interaction. Otherwise, they may fall victim to depression and anxiety. While they have the option of seeking out the best online therapy for depression and anxiety, it is usually best not to allow things to go that far. Instead, introverts might want to choose activities that require a minimum amount of socializing.

person meditating
Meditation is one of the best self-care activities that introverts can practice.

Lastly, introverts have to have a place that they can “retreat” to when they experience any overwhelming feelings. By spending time in their alone space, introverts can fully focus on what works best for them.

Fostering positive mental health for extroverts

The best way to foster positive mental health for extroverts is to be surrounded by positive people. Due to the extrovert’s nature, they can easily succumb to peer pressure, impulsivity, and reckless behavior. Many extroverts also develop extremely unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as substance use, uninhibited sex, and excessive partying. Over time, these behaviors inevitably lead to mental health issues.

Being around positive people dampens all these behaviors and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Due to the fact that social interactions are absolutely critical for extroverts, the quality of those interactions has the most powerful impact on extroverts’ lives. Therefore, by prioritizing positive relationships and healthy activities, extroverts foster positive mental health at the same time.

Even though mental health issues differ among introverts and extroverts, they are all solvable through therapy. However, depending on your type, you will want to find a therapist that understands exactly how you recharge. Finding the right therapist can be somewhat difficult, as you will either have too few choices (traditional therapy) or too many (online therapy).

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