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Our doors and windows are the portals to our homes. Therefore, it is necessary that we keep them in the best possible shape whenever we can. Furthermore, as the most likely burglar entry points, doors and windows are essential in securing your home. Even if you have one of the professional home security systems installed in your home, if your doors and windows aren’t “up to spec”, it may all be for naught. Repairs will only get you so far, and door/window replacement is necessary from time to time. Since replacing your windows and doors usually requires professional services, you may want to choose the perfect time for it. In this article, we are going to cover exactly why you may want to replace your windows and doors, the best time for the replacement, and the benefits of hiring professional services.

Why you may want to replace your windows and doors

two sets of doors and windows, showcasing the importance of replacing your windows and doors
New doors and windows also look much better than the old ones.

To start with, you need to identify that your doors and windows need replacement. There are four main reasons why you might want to consider door/window replacement:

  • Security concerns
  • Difficult operation
  • Visible damage
  • Frequent drafts


Even if you live in a relatively safe neighborhood, you will still want to ensure that your doors and windows provide the best security they possibly can. On the other hand, if your neighborhood has a crime rate issue, it is imperative that your doors and windows are as secure as they can be. When replacing doors and windows for security reasons, you will want them to be made out of sturdy materials first and foremost. Any glass panes need to be impact-resistant, meaning that you may want to invest in triple-pane glass. If you absolutely have to burglar-proof your home on a budget, look for doors without glass panes and secure your windows by installing grilles, security bars, and window security locks. Smash-proof glass remains essential, and you might also want to apply glass protection film.

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Difficult operation

If you happen to notice that you are having trouble operating your doors and windows, their replacement might be nigh. Doors and windows that are difficult to operate are also more difficult to lock properly, adding yet another security concern. Even if you diligently follow all the tasks on your home security maintenance checklist, windows and doors do deteriorate over time. While you don’t need to replace a squeaking door, you absolutely need to replace one that you can’t lock easily.

Visible damage

Over time, doors and windows accumulate damage from wear and tear. Most of the time, however, this damage is not visible. Once you realize that your portals have chips, warps, or water stains on them, you may want to consider replacing them. The damage to your doors and windows is dangerous in more ways than one.

damaged door
Visible damage is a clear indication that a door needs to be replaced.

First, your home might be susceptible to damage that the doors and windows were supposed to prevent in the first place. Second, when a potential burglar sees a damaged door, they may think it will be easy to break into the home when you are not there. New doors and windows give off the air of sturdiness and deter many a burglar. If you are looking to improve your home security, look no further than replacing your doors and windows first. They are the most important aspect of home security, after all.

Frequent drafts

Another very common reason for door/window replacement is if you start noticing frequent drafts around the house. These drafts signify that your doors and windows are not capable of keeping the proper airflow and are usually an indication of significant damage or improper installation. While living with constant drafts might not be impossible, it is also not comfortable. Your home will not be able to maintain regular indoor temperature if the doors and windows are allowing for drafts.

When is the best time to be replacing your windows and doors?

The most important things to consider when replacing your windows and doors are weather conditions and security conditions. As for weather conditions, while they do depend on where you live, it is usually best to replace your doors and windows in the summer. Since door/window replacement may take some time, you don’t want to compromise your home’s heating. This is why you should absolutely avoid the winter. Spring and fall are also viable alternatives to summer, as you can easily schedule your replacement within warm and sunny days.

sunrise on a beach
Summer is the best time to be replacing your windows and doors.

If you haven’t done so already, replacing your windows and doors is the perfect time to install a home security system. By having the doors out of their frames, you will be able to explore many more options than you have once they are firmly in place. It is much easier to add security features when your doors and windows can be approached from all sides, after all.

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DIY or hire a professional for replacing your windows and doors?

While you may be able to replace the doors and windows on your own, we advise against it. The primary reason is that even if you know what you’re doing, you will be the one responsible for improper installation. Meaning that if anything goes wrong, you will be the one to blame and pay for the additional costs. While hiring a professional might be the more expensive option, it is usually the better option. A professional door/window installation comes with warranties, after all. If you absolutely have to replace your doors and windows on your own, make sure to watch a guide on installing doors and windows, at the very least. While this might not turn you into a professional, it may help you avoid some beginner mistakes.

Furthermore, you want to make sure that your doors and windows get replaced within one day. Otherwise, you will be creating a serious security issue while the work is ongoing. Unless you have extensive experience in replacing your windows and doors, it is always best to turn to professionals. And even if you do, the fact that you don’t get any warranty on your own work may be enough to change your mind.

Cost of door/window replacement

There is no simple answer to the question “How much does it cost to replace my windows and doors?”. There are so many doors and window styles, with the same range of prices that it becomes impossible to provide a clear answer. That being said, the average cost of window replacement in 2022 lies between $400 and $1,500.

person counting money, symbolizing the cost of replacing your windows and doors
It can be quite expensive to replace your windows and doors.

As you can see, that is quite a range. Doors are pretty much the same, with the minimum cost being slightly lower, at around $340. Now, factor in that you may need to replace several doors and windows, and the price quickly racks up. Furthermore, you may also need to consider that you may want to add additional features to your portals, such as sensors, locks, reinforcements, etc. And there are the installation costs to consider. Currently, the average cost of door installation is upwards of $1,000, significantly adding to the price.

But the price is well worth it due to improved security, increased comfort, and overall quality of life. What you may want to do, to minimize the costs at any given point in time, is to replace your doors and windows in “sets”. While this might somewhat lack the visual appeal, it is always better to replace your front door sooner rather than later. If you want to have enough money to replace everything, you may end up replacing nothing.

An additional benefit of replacing your windows and doors – Improved energy efficiency

With the energy prices soaring as they are, improving the energy efficiency of their home is something most homeowners think about. Replacing your windows and doors with energy-efficient solutions will allow you to save quite a bit on your energy bill. For example, simply replacing your single-pane windows with their more energy-efficient counterparts may save you up to $1,000 a year! Of course, the savings depend on where you live, with warmer states getting more “mileage” out of their efficient doors and windows. On average, you can expect to get around an 8% energy bill reduction when you install energy-efficient windows.

An energy-efficient door is even more important. For example, replacing your doors with fiberglass doors will allow you to save up to 12% on your energy bill! On average, this amounts to around $1,500 a year. While it may be expensive to replace windows and doors, the energy savings alone will pay for them in due time. Not to mention the added effect of investing in your home security, which you get to benefit from immediately. Energy-efficient doors and windows are, of course, a bit more expensive than their traditional counterparts but we think they are well worth the price.

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