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Last Updated on Jun 2024
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Consumer Opinion Guide has developed a list of proven, well-rated online depression therapy companies to help you find a licensed counselor that will allow you long distance mental healthcare support. With our resources, we have combed through reviews and ratings to deliver a listing of online therapy for depression companies with the highest rating scores.

What is Online Therapy?

Often also referred to as “e-therapy” or “internet therapy”, online therapy is a modern way of getting mental health counseling through remote digital channels such as your PC or mobile devices.

Of course, online therapy for depression has its limitations and shouldn’t be the first choice for people in need of emergency consultations with therapists. Since this is a system that requires scheduling consultations with online depression therapists, its’ goal is to provide more comfort to people that would prefer to get professional counseling without having to leave their homes. Online therapy is not only easier and more reliable – it is also more affordable than in-person sessions. But the main advantage of online therapy for depression sessions is the convenience it offers to those with mobility issues, insecurities, or those that live too far from licensed therapists.

Consumer Opinion Guide brings you the most significant advantages of online depression therapy as well as a selection of top-rated mental healthcare providers.

Why is Online Therapy gaining so much momentum?

COVID-19 has shaken the very foundation of global society in the past 18 months. And with the sanctions and quarantines it brought, the need for remote mental healthcare became more important than ever. However, even before the pandemic struck, online counseling had a strong foundation set in rural parts of America due to the lack of actual licensed mental health professionals in those areas. Other cases in which online therapy for depression is offering success would be for patients suffering from agoraphobia or anxiety that limits mobility.

One branch that has been experimenting with online depression therapy for the past two decades has been the US military. Soldiers suffering from PTSD and other mental disorders partook in studies that compared traditional counseling vs. online therapy. The results showed little difference between the two methods that were used.

What we can conclude from all these studies is that online therapy for depression does have the potential to stand hand in hand with in-person counseling.

What are the different channels of online therapy for depression?

When it comes to online virtual counseling, most online depression therapy companies offer at least one if not all of the following solutions:

  • Video counseling sessions.
  • Real-time chat sessions.
  • Phone call sessions.

Certain companies also provide the option of email or text message counseling, but it is not as common since it is limited to writing out what you want to say and requires additional measures to protect the patient’s anonymity.

Most patients have difficulties determining which type of therapy they are best suited for. That is why online therapy companies usually require patients to take short quizzes to determine which type of counselor best matches their needs.

How to choose between different online depression therapy companies?

With everything that has been going on, the number of telemedicine and online therapy companies has been growing rapidly. With such a competitive market, knowing how to choose the right company is essential for ensuring your wellbeing. So, here are some of the factors that you should take into consideration when screening different online counselors for depression:

  • Credibility. Check out the accreditations and memberships of the company. Also, look into the vetting process for the online therapists that the company employs.
  • Affordability. It’s always important to cross-compare different prices and payment plans that companies offer.
  • Customer Care. With such a delicate type of service, it’s important to have a company that offers great customer support.
  • Responsiveness. Companies should be able to accommodate multiple channels of communication for patients.
  • Security. These are sensitive matters that require finesse and confidentiality, so it’s important to find companies that demonstrate trust.

Recommended online depression therapy companies:

A brief guide to choosing your online therapist for depression

Once you decide on a certain company to match you with an online counselor, the next step is knowing how to choose between different therapists. And the best way to do that is by asking some fundamental questions such as:

  • When and how often do they typically respond?
  • Do they work evenings and weekends?
  • What is their therapeutic approach?
  • What are their areas of expertise?

Once you get answers to these questions, you will already have a strong base to make your decision. And if it turns out that you don’t end up feeling as comfortable with your initial choice, most online therapy companies offer the option of switching over to a new one. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should switch a therapist every time that you disagree with them or dislike their observations. Instead, focus on the quality of the connection – whether you feel that you are dealing with a person that you can trust and can even relate to. After all, these are the core values to seek in building a working, reliable and dependable relationship with your therapist.

Remember this – therapy for depression takes work and commitment. Challenge you sometimes and holding you accountable to yourself is in the job description of every therapist. Progress often requires a certain dose of stepping out of your comfort zone and facing insecurities and harsh truths.

What are the costs of online therapy sessions?

Different companies have different pricing plans for online depression therapy sessions. So, it’s important to find a system that you feel most comfortable with when it comes to payments. Since most online counseling sessions aren’t covered by insurance, you will have to pay out of your pocket. But the good news is that online therapy for depression is cheaper than in-person therapy for depression.

Our Rating System

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